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Guerra de Sudán 19 de mayo: RSF cambia de marcha en Darfur | Al Burhan hace nuevos nombramientos

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  1. Many well known researchers in Sudan and lots of Sudanese intellectuals, such as Mark Laverne agree that: …. This time, the situation appears different, as the parties represented by the Rapid Support Forces moved towards Khartoum to try to prevent the army from bringing about a new secession instead of achieving political and social equality and its refusal to fulfill most of its promises during the transitional period, which exacerbated the racism and discrimination between the residents of the center and the periphery.

    Experts believe that one of the reasons behind the war in Sudan is the division of the Sudanese between a traditional elite that monopolized resources and power in the capital and center of the country, and marginalized segments living in its outskirts and countryside.

    "Until now, the Sudanese have a lexicon of skin color that ranges from red and brown to green and yellow, to blue." He continued, “The people of the south, who have dark skin, are still called slaves.” Sudan is dominated by a light-skinned Arabic-speaking elite, while black Africans in the south and west of the country face discrimination and marginalization.

    Racism has been practiced extensively in Sudan, historically, and even since independence. Most of the senior positions are occupied by Arabs and Nubians in the north, and they also occupy almost all military positions, and this enabled them to use their influence to dominate the business sector and fuel feelings of rejection and discrimination among the residents of the south.

  2. The Sudan that had been run by the few "Arab" elites at the expense of the majority of the real Sudanese ethnic groups is already dead and a failed state. Whatever decisions the "Arab" elites of Khartoum and Omdourman take and announce on TV is futile.
    The Arab Egypt is deeply involved in the Sudan war providing the technical, satellite imagery, materials and intelligence information to the Al Burhan camp.

  3. RSF just nomadized fighting force appearing wherever without having a particular places it's on holding under its control.Such nomadizing fights is survival tatics in guerilla fights not a wining force,it's only shows its presences for propoganda


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