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ENVENENAMIENTO CON FENTANILO: La historia de Alexis Shanks

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Un padre comparte la historia de la pérdida de su hija de 17 años por envenenamiento con fentanilo. La naloxona, el ingrediente activo de NARCAN y muchos genéricos, puede revertir una sobredosis de opioides si se administra lo suficientemente rápido. Algunas áreas tienen versiones genéricas de NARCAN o Naloxone disponibles de forma gratuita. Buscalo en Google. En los EE. UU., puede acceder fácilmente a apoyo emocional las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana. Llame o envíe un mensaje de texto al 988 o visite 988lifeline.org/chat para conectarse con un consejero solidario.

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  1. So many people have died from laced drugs. It's sad that a couple of months ago when laced drugs were sold to and killed 3 Professional Workers, they made it Big Deal about it and the Dealer got around 30 yrs. Simply Because those Addicts were Professional Workers as if other Addicts LIVES Don't/Didn't MATTER. SMDH 😡😟😠😏

  2. Hey Dad–my own father used to scratch my back and it was the best thing. I became an addict, too. None of this is your fault. Your daughter was doomed from infancy. You did a wonderful job, and your sobriety is an awesome achievement. These are circumstances beyond your control. The pandemic didn't help. You'll be in my thoughts for awhile. I wish you peace.

  3. You can see the pain in his eyes, on his face and you can hear it in his words. I'm really really sorry this happened to your baby. Important advice given, however it gets to a stage that you can no longer force your kid to do something. You only speak to them, guide them and pray they make the right decision. It was not your fault, please don't let guilt weigh you down.

  4. Drugs, nowadays have fentanyl and it’s just a given. Can’t believe how deep your addiction is that you still play Russian roulette so very sad it’s cutting down our young people in their prime.

  5. So sorry for this Dad….from what he sais, his daughter had been unhappy for a long time. His ex-wife seemed very detached from the daughter's life and problems. Hope he is able to keep talking and that he stays focused on staying in his son's life.

  6. I am eternally sorry on your beautiful daughters passing. Communication is the key and Alexis loves you and your a wonderful father. Fly high beautiful love Bron from Melbourne Australia 🇦🇺 💞💫🙏🕊🦋🌸🌏🌈

  7. This man right here. ❤😢 he took full responsibility for his and his daughters actions yet he delivered an amazing testimony and awareness, and you could feel how much he lived his child. May god protect him always.

  8. Stay strong good Sir, you did your best & hindsight is '20/20' . If she wanted to get high without a phone she would have found a way . My Boy is in 9th grade & I worry so much for him , I don't know how to check his phone + he would break it before he would let me see it , but really cause he id private not cause he is hiding drug use ; but still ? I've talked to him about Pill's , / Drugs & my struggles both recent & as a youth . I pray Lexi / Alexis is at peace & you Dad can find the peace you deserve & congratz on the 7 years W/O Booze , I drank HARD up to the age of 32 & have not drank in 20 + years but even with 20 years no booze I've dabbled with other stuff & God has saved me , I'm 50 y/o & like to keep a tab on these things . Again God Bless You yr Family & may your Daughter RIP. Sincerely Dave in NW GA

  9. So there was a war on drugs in the 80’s and 90’s against crack dealers in the inner cities with less evidence. Major sting operations. Yet they have all the proof in the world against these current drug dealers yet they do nothing? What is the agenda here? Where is the outrage?

  10. I’m so happy to see that someone is pointing out that Fentanyl Poisoning IS Not the same thing as Drug Overdose.
    We are in a chemical war and the casualties just happen to be a very easy target.
    I don’t think the world innerstands how many people have, and continue to be Murdered by the fentanyl poisoning of our society and I believe it’s on purpose .
    It creates so much wealth for a few with a whole lotta money and power to keep the whole Stinkin thing under wraps.
    I mean they convinced the world that Covid was some type of plague when Fentanyl is killing way more people then and now

  11. My heart breaks for this dad. I have a 17yo daughter too, and Lexi reminds me so much of my daughter. I just went and talked to my daughter again about the dangers of taking one pill, or doing one line. I told her about Lexi and showed her Lexi's picture.
    I can't even imagine the pain this dad feels. I pray that God comforts and heals his sweet soul.

  12. Sometimes guilt and regret are appropriate….this is NOT one of those times. This dad is shouldering way too much guilt for what happened. Hindsight is always 20/20. I hope the dad can find a good therapist or a pastor to help him before this eats him alive.

  13. What an incredibly kind, caring man. He should not have regrets…he counts, he had his own pain and dealt with it how he could, then got clean. He was very, very good to his kids and the fact that he would soothe his little girl to sleep shows how present he really was. ♥️


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