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Una mirada más cercana a la crisis del fentanilo en Seattle

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Un quiosco en la esquina de Third Avenue y Pike Street en Seattle solía vender periódicos y revistas a los oficinistas del centro. Ahora, el stand proporciona el spray para revertir la sobredosis Narcan a los usuarios de drogas. A la vuelta de la esquina del puesto, Travis Hudson y su amigo se apiñan en la entrada de una tienda Ross para fumar fentanilo juntos. “No me molesta. Estoy abierto al respecto”, dijo Hudson a un equipo de KOMO News el miércoles cuando se le preguntó si estaría de acuerdo con ser filmado. ————————————————– Para obtener más información sobre la historia principal: https://komonews.com/news/local/mayor-bruce-harrell-fentanyl-crisis-drugs-treatment-addiction-overdose-king-county-death-seattle-washington-third-avenue -empresa-propietarios-seguridad-rehabilitación-junta-de-salud-# _______________ Manténgase actualizado con nuestras redes sociales: KOMO News on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KOMONews/ Noticias de KOMO en Twitter: https://twitter.com/komonews Noticias de KOMO en Instagram: http://instagram.com/komo4 Noticias de KOMO en TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@komo4seattle Suscríbase a KOMO en YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC__2_0RJ8XnHt2angfw6S1Q/?sub_confirmation= 1 Vea más noticias locales importantes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G97AyNO_3IE&list=PLZm7uq7_dyY6qhFFIwgXRvYpkaOnZEabc&index=2&t=0s Para ver todas las noticias locales y nacionales más importantes del día, visite http://www.komonews.com / Vea nuestros noticieros en vivo y otros videos en vivo en https://komonews.com/watch Descargue nuestra aplicación iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/komo-news-mobile/id433508161?mt=8 Descargar nuestra aplicación de Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newssynergy.komo&hl=en Escuche KOMO Newsradio 1000 AM / 97.7 FM Live: https://komonews.com/live/ komo-4-newsradio ¿Tiene un consejo de noticias? Envíenoslo directamente: Envíenos un correo electrónico: tips@komonews.com Llame a la Sala de prensa: 206.404.4000 KOMO News (ABC 4, 1000 AM y 97.7 FM) brinda las últimas noticias, deportes, clima, tráfico y cobertura de eventos locales en el área de Seattle y el oeste de Washington/Puget Sound, incluidos Bellevue, Redmond, Renton, Kent, Tacoma, Bellingham, Yakima y las comunidades circundantes #komo #komonews #seattlenews #washingtonnews Este video y todos los archivos de contenido de noticias locales y cobertura deportiva de Sinclair Broadcast Group están disponibles para su uso. Para obtener más información, contáctenos encontentsales@sbgtv.com

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  1. I love seattle and I am excited for the city. I feel we are really close to legalizing all drugs and then we can have safe supply doctor offices to supply pharma drugs freely to anyone who wants it. This will drive oit cartell fentanyl, this will help to stablize these addicts then we can get them to want to clean up and quit once they arent stuck in the fentanyl

  2. Man let them die they don't want help the city wants to give them housing and stuff when it's other people out here that really need it you gotta be a dumb person to put something in your body you know can kill you

  3. Hear a lot of old folks complaining which is standard. I'm sure they're the same old folks that sit around the break room griping about the same problems and brag about voting down every single measure designed to help the issue they whine like babies about "cuz I pay enough taxes.". Nothing to do with this level of stupidity. Just opinions and nonsense. Humans are failing. Too emotional for reality and compassion.

  4. Throw them in jail. Make a tent city like Maricopa county in Arizona did. Make open drug use and possession of this dangerous drug a felony. Make the convicted felon prove their self to lower their charges. If not, lock them up for even longer.

  5. Are Democrats in Denial with Biden and Seattle as well ? 5 MILLION crossed the border and how much Fentanal will it take and deaths to Build the wall ? CNN/MSNBC/ABC demonized Trump when the reality is America was much better off ? They lied about him…Low cost of living, low cost for gas, grocerys ect… Then come Biden and dumped Trillions into the economy "devaluing" our dollor ? Its simple he screwed up in the name of Green and battery cars we cant afford…I love America !! and I really did not like Trump but I knew he was making America better. And realized it. Democrats have become very hateful in there ways. I'm from Tacoma and people are so much happier in FLA when i visit and Texas/North Dakota ect.. as an example. Yup masses are moving to these states because of fiscally responsible leaders. Low taxes.

  6. For all the Liberals complaining in the comments below….YOU deserve to live in Seattle !! You know you voted for the past idiot mayors and Governor… Defund/Decriminalize/Soft on crime….A 6th grader could figure this out !!

  7. Thank a Democrat for every life lost from legalizing drugs !! Decriminalizing is what they did. And defunding the Police and being soft on crime…did I miss anything ? Democrats bitch bitch bitch about the problems…Always vote Blue..BS!! Inslee what a soft ass joke !! He likes CA citys and NY and Oregon ect…see the connection. All failed !!

  8. In my country, our Government is very strict about illegal drug addicts and traffickers. They'll face death penalty if they possess above a certain amount of illegal drugs and imprisonment/rehabilitation for drug users. People have difficulties or fear of importing drugs into our country. The punishment though very harsh but effective in controlling the drug abuse situation.
    Our late PM said that drugs will destroy the individuals, their families and our nation. Really sad to see these people addicted to fentanyl and even fatally overdosed.

  9. I used to be a Sound Transit security guard I spent 12hrs a day at the light rail stations trying to get the homeless people to stop getting high on the trains and buses. I can tell you unless law enforcement actually starts arresting people long term (not just for a weekend) and forcing them into rehab in addition to rounding up every dealer you can find this will never get better.


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