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Una ciudad en crisis: cómo el fentanilo devastó San Francisco – BBC Newsnight

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Más personas murieron por sobredosis de drogas que por covid en San Francisco durante un período de un año. ¿Por qué una de las ciudades más ricas del mundo ha sido devastada por las drogas? Suscríbete AQUÍ http://bit.ly/1rbfUog

El fentanilo es 100 veces más fuerte que la morfina e incluso una pequeña cantidad puede matar. Pero su bajo costo la ha convertido en una droga recreativa popular.

Partes de la ciudad fueron puestas en estado de emergencia en diciembre para tomar medidas enérgicas contra las muertes por sobredosis.

Y después de desfinanciar a la policía, el alcalde de la ciudad ahora ha reembolsado a la policía para que aborde el problema.

Pero el alcalde demócrata y el fiscal de distrito demócrata están divididos sobre cómo solucionar el problema.

James Clayton informa para Our World y Newsnight.

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  1. Not Fentynel but leftist Democrat policies which don't work. They gave drug addicts more drugs, decriminalized the drug trade and drug use, legalized drugs, allowed them to do drugs openly anywhere on the streets, allowed them to live and defecate on the streets in front of businesses, residences and schools, de-funded the police, soft on crime. I grew up in San Fran.
    What a shame.

  2. oh man I thought Europe is worse then America , and many Europeans wants to go to America, but in fact America is worse than Europe 🥴
    sorry, I don't want to insult, but is true…..and it's sad !!!!🥺

  3. Decline of America. A famous Republic went to shit before for being soft on "barbarians" – Rome. Rome let the Visigoths in, tried to pay them off (welfare), and eventually got raped and pillaged anyway. China will become the new USA on the world stage. USA lost its Way.

  4. Trying to help a drug addict (without eliminating supply of drugs) is like trying to drown a fire with petrol. Prisons are good if you can stop the supply of drugs in prison, but like so many things in America, prisons are poorly run and are corrupt. Ipso facto, the country is drowning in gangs, crime and junkies – all fueled by poor drug policies and corrupt administrations. The same thing happened with China during the Opium Wars. Chaos, war, violence, invasion, subjugation to foreign powers. History repeats itself because humans have short memories.

  5. Payback from across the border i guess, American guns 🔫 go south spilling blood and holding entire towns hostage cause of american guns 🔫, cartels without no guns they literally don't exist

  6. Many red states have the same fentanyl epidemics i.e. West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, New Hampshire, Louisiana. The situation will not improve as long as Americans keep playing the political slant trying to blame the other tribe rather that dealing with the crisis.

  7. San Francisco is run by far left progressive politicians. THAT is where this problem began. Their criminal justice policies and ideas are complete and utter failures. You are witnessing the direct result of these failures.

  8. To clarify, fenty is everywhere in America but addicts then gravitate to cities with services and tolerance. Addicts feed $billions to gangs and cartels. USA is another corrupt narco state. All self-inflicted, look in the mirror.

  9. The one thing that the Mayor and District Attorneys of S.F. never mention concerning what is really causing the drug problem in S.F. and that's is that on the first of every month the S.F. Police Department hand deliver garbage bags of drugs to the drug houses. FOLLOW THE MONEY and you find the real criminals/communists who have been destroying OUR COUNTRY for decades.

  10. The reason for the explosion of the Homeless, Mentally Ill, & the Working Poor on the streets; of not only San Francisco, but Los Angeles, & San Diego also. Is that the homeless come to California Cities from all the other 49 states. First of all because of the help & handouts that California gives them. For example, on our local news, a man was interviewed, & was asked where are you from? The man said Texas, he went on to say I was homeless in Texas & the authorities told me to head to SF, they would take good care of me. And San Francisco did, he was getting a check, health care, & a place to live. In my opinion, "only" people born in California/SF should receive handouts, that would stop people coming here from everywhere.

  11. Chesa Boudin spent his time trying to get his felon murderer father out of jail (and succeeded, leveraging his position) and London Breed has wasted much of her time in office, trying to leverage her position to get her murderer brother out of prison. Both are perfect examples of disgusting, self-dealing politicians without any concern for the residents of a city that's now a ruined, filthy sh!th@le, thanks in large part to their BS. SF might as well fall into the pacific Ocean; it would be an improvement.

  12. 😂😂😂 Another 2years and London will be like this. And these brits won't be able to save their women from those Islamist groomers.😂😂😂😂😂That would be coolaid for every body to watch.😂😂😂😂

  13. The problem? AMERICA is SOFT!!! America is spoiled!!! America is so freakin' liberal it lets every nasty thing go unpunished!!! So self-righteous but no strength to stop the madness. Afraid to hurt people's whittle feelings!!! How to stop drugs? Put all these nasty drug dealers in jail forever. No fun, no TV, no rec room. Hard labor. Don't work? More time in jail hard labor. 12 hour work days. Do violent crimes? Public execution. Seriously. America has let criminals run the country and it will only get worse. So, on the human side get TOUGH ON ALL CRIME…anything criminal gets major punishment. Spiritually? There is only one way: REPENTANCE and come back to God almighty. Which God? You pick. There are only three systems that work: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Islam is the best. Go to a local Mosque on Friday around noon and speak with your local Imam (the leader there). He will guide you to take Shahada…declaring there is only ONE God and that Muhammad (SAWS) is His prophet. Start praying five times a day and growing in your Muslim faith. Only by submitting to God can we change this nasty world. Without Allah (SWT), our world WILL fall apart. Of course it is predicted…no surprises. Fix these cities? America has to get HARD on crime. No other way.

  14. The thing about the right-wing media covering this is that they were the only ones doing so for so damn long. Pretty much everyone else (media, politicians, local leaders, etc) had this doublespeak about it: the homeless were really "unhoused" and just "down on their luck," not hopelessly addicted to drugs/mentally ill/unwilling to accept treatment.

  15. target folsom street cross 13th street, san francisco, ca, usa: no humans forced the shoplifters to attempt to murder or hurt in the midst of shoplifting because they boldly threatened, "…We do not feel like working because we are comfortable, we are depressed when Americans force us to work, we deserve reparations, we decided to shoplift because you are late paying our people reparations, you forced us to be your slaves so we need to teach you how we do it what is up black be boy by the bay style, you in our way we pull out our gats cuz we gotz to defend ourselvez if you dont know now you know we aint care you be callin police on us cuz king kong aint got nothin on us so why we gotta pay at target, unless you pay us reparations why we gotta pay target grocery and pay sales tax, we aint white, why we gotta pay sales tax, king kong aint got nothin on us we strong black men and you can kiss our bacon behind cuz we healthy and strong we got the babies to prove it and you gotta learn from us strength in numbers baby you lock it all up including electronics we got gats, sawed off rifles, machine guns, we be packing you betta look out and not get in our way we the king of picking locks baby we taught your mama…" College educated National Guard, mindful and ethically hard working humans, college educated Governor Mr. Newsom, his wife, Stanford educated Mrs. Jennifer Siebel Newsom, who started and still champions equal laws and equal pay, other working humans who work 3 or 4 jobs, et alia, did not force, control, coerce, make, or manipulate the disrespectful, self disrespecting, American Disrespecting, San Franciscan disrespecting, LAZY, IDLE, disregarding, dishonest, dimension sucking, NEVER WORKING, idle, LAZY, never working, never showering, never hand washing, never tax paying, never working, never toiling, never learning, never educating, never respecting children, instead killing and selling drugs to children, never working drug sellers, drug abusers, drug addicts to buy, purchase, cook, manufacture, and/or procure drugs, cigarettes laced with drugs, cannabis laced with drugs, narcotics, "brownies'' laced with drugs, et cetera, NEVER, nor did we humans who work, who are NEVER lazy, force them to violate other humans with guns, knives, fire striking fire starting knives, shivs, machetes, sawed off rifles, gats, firearms, deadly weapons, bats, crowbars, et cetera, just because they are too lazy to work yet too comfortable to waste money and our tax dollars on drugs, Americans, yes, we educated, working 7 days weekly, who just paid taxes on April 18th, 2023, did not force them to waste our money and our taxes and our paycheck to paycheck hard earned income on pathetic, killing drugs. We have our respect for our children, our families, our old grandparents, our bodies, our American God Given, American Born country, not to be violated by violent, intentional, deliberate, manipulative, sociopathic drug sellers or drug abusers. At the Whole Foods, 1765 California Street, San Francisco, CA, USA, the female, non American born, Spanish speaking employee, at self checkout, yelled at the College Educated, Working, Tax Paying, Traveling Indonesians, yelled, "China N word, you do not self check out, I did not touch you, I only kick your stupid french bull dog, your stupid loud crying baby, no care the shoplifters gun you down your car, call 911 yourself, I am busy general manager at whole foods I no time help you, you retarded and slow, you are not American, you are not Whole Foods or Amazon customer I no care!…" The female, non American, Spanish speaking employee lied, she is not any manager, she only works temporarily at self check out, she threatened the baby in the stroller and the french bull dog, because she was afraid customers would call retired CEO, Mr. Jeff Bezos, at Amazon, on her verbally abusive, physically violent, physically assaulting, physically abusive, actions hurting the baby and the french bull dog just because the Indonesian victims are not Spanish speaking, racism, bigotry, sexism, animal abuse, child endangerment, child abuse, assault with deadly weapon, manipulation as she lied she is Manager at whole foods or amazon in order for her to control, coerce, and manipulate because she is non college educated, unethical, unprofessional Sociopath, instead of helping the children or Indonesian customer victims call 911! anonymously, privately, confidentially, star 67, area code 415, prefix 553, suffix 0123, anytime, all the time, at any and all time, 24 hours calling and contacting regarding help 24 hours. The victims were never and never will be china N worD, they are working, never lazy, tax paying, traveling Indonesian humans, the female Spanish speaking employee, not a manager, should be arrested, fired, terminated, discharged, or retrained, for threatening Amazon customers, babies, children, infants, Whole Foods customers, security guards who do not speak Spanish, any customers who do not speak Spanish but have receipt evidence that they did not shoplift, the female, non American, Spanish speaking employee instead of helping the victims or babies helped the lazy, never working, never showering, never hand washing, never working, never tax paying, never regretting, never repenting, never respecting, never working, shoplifting, murdering, car burglarizing thieves who are and were Violent! the female, non American, non college educated, manipulating, controlling sociopath should remove herself or fire herself if she were too lazy to help victims and customers

  16. The mother is a liberal and voted for these people, her son suck D for drugs most likely will die and turns tricks and sleeps on the street has scabies and lice and she says , “ its not going so well” lol she is woke af

  17. The only solution is Jesus Christ bring God back into the city 🏙️ bible back into schools church ⛪️ back on the calendar 📆 Sundays and fear of the Lord into the hearts and minds of citizens


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