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Sudán: ¿En qué se han diferenciado los planes de evacuación de la UE y el Reino Unido?

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Existe una creciente presión sobre el gobierno para que saque a los ciudadanos británicos de la capital de Sudán, devastada por la guerra.

Sky News tiene entendido que las tropas británicas han volado a un puerto en el este de Sudán en una misión de reconocimiento.

Pero eso no significa que ningún rescate sea inminente, ya que el gobierno está trabajando en opciones para presentar al Primer Ministro.

El exdirector de Operaciones Militares del Ministerio de Defensa, Air Marshal Edward Stringer, analiza las posibles opciones que tiene el Reino Unido para rescatar a sus ciudadanos.

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  1. Usual outcome of ourselves and other modern countries trying to educate another country just like Afghanistan people think they are going to have normal life same in South Africa and they start a war against each other ,these countries will never change💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  2. it`s probably the same as Afghanistan. the thousands of British citizens turned out to be people who were given asylum then went back to the place they fled in terror for a extended holiday.

  3. Stealing there gold this is what it’s really about. USA, UK bullying countries for minerals for free. It’s all about Minerals and money. Nothing else. They stole all the gold from Afghanistan just another country on there list.

  4. Putin is getting rid of the Cabal. He’s bombed there money laundering scheme in Ukraine.. Now he just needs to bury the R-Families once and for all. This is not about land it’s about The gold standard and killing off the dollar.

  5. Hungary has already got its citizens out and even managed to get 47 US citizens out…if they managed it within hours how can we with the 5th best military in the world not!! Set of muppets couldnt arrange a piss up in a brewery

  6. I know a bloke from Sudan who has travelled by land across Africa and then a small boat to the UK perhaps the UK goverment could employ him as a consultant, he will even advise those who make it how to get a free hotel, food and mobile phone.

  7. Here we go again, another Country nobody cares about!! General Gordon couldn't sort it, the UK won't, love how the talk is all about evacuating " British Nationals" Bet no one was born here! in UK

  8. Yeah can't get our own people for a war zone. But all good to supply Ukraine with all our assets! Well don't uk very smart! This government and the rest there all the same need get out and hands off our money

  9. Minster.. Sectary we need to rescue 4000 of our citizen from a dreadful situation.
    Sectary… No problem Minister we have Prince of Wales ready and prepared, fitted out with landing craft, helicopters, marines etc etc..
    Minister… Really!,.. I though is sunk the other day…
    Sectary… Well nobody told me..

  10. At least they are in a better position to beg the tory for help .raab does not like taking phone calls that saves lives he gone so it has to be a +.so it a scramble to see which tory can come up with the mostly cosly way that will make them money , of course we seen our lives become bargin chips for tory wealth far to long not to notice the habit by now.i rather swim the channel to live in suddan and be left to be rules over by these tory rats .

  11. So based on what this chap said at the end of this interview the delay in getting British citizens out of the country is due to the fact that the British government didn't intend to evacuate them at all, their aim was simply to evacuate government figures, but they have been put to shame by the EU countries who evacuated all of their citizens out and now the government 'has to come up with a plan B'. How typical of them to put the welfare of their own citizens at the back of the queue, if at all.

  12. Haha tell them run to rwanada we’ve gave them plenty of money to house people might as well use it now doesn’t seem like the others Will be using it anytime soon

  13. At this point the Tories advice to British citizens trapped in Sudan will be to just "go to the Winchester have a pint and wait for this to all blow over." "Global Britain" can't even rescue its own citizens from a warzone. Absolutely pathetic.

  14. Why not just bring all the Somalians & Sudanese into the UK – we already have 10''s of thousands of them – as well as from every other African country from Nigeria to Uganda & ever muslim country from Pakistan to Afghanistan. I mean what could possibly go wrong – why not pay for them to stay in hotels etc ogh and fill army, navy & RAf barracks with them as well – I mean the average UK citizen is not allowed anywhere near barracks as it would be considered a security breech what with all the military weapons etc they store there – but we could fill them with illegal Somalis etc that would really make the talmudic jews & freemasons happy!

  15. If we stopped handing out passports like sweets there would be no one to rescue. It’s not Trevor and Doreen from Doncaster, but fake refugees that win asylum, then return to the country they “fled” from and now expect to be saved put our forces at risk. None of these people are true Brits, just people who came to milk the system, but we foolishly gave them passports.

  16. 😂Put simply UK didnt care enough for to collect their citizens (Mostly of Sudanese origin). However, other countries have taken the risk. It makes them look bad and shines the light on how much they really care about their citizens.

  17. Don’t forget this article is from 2003 – A former commander of NATO’s forces in Europe, Clark claims he met a senior military officer in Washington in November 2001 who told him the Bush administration was planning to attack Iraq first before taking action against Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan.

  18. An example of left wing nutters that have turned everything in British life into "toxic masculinity" so that now we have complete risk averse wet blankets in charge. Nothing gets done for fear of who will be upset, whose feelings will be upset and who will be complaining that our military are bullies blah bla blah. The country is in massive decline because we the people have allowed those vocal elements that are upset about everything in life to get a hold

  19. Don't give a rats arse about whether they get out or not. What's happening in Sudan is America and the West pushing for regime change. everything has consequences. Should have thought of the safety of their citizens before starting the Bullshit.

  20. Why are we risking our soldiers’ lives to evacuate people who have gone to a country which we have been warned “DON’T GO HERE” on the FCO website? How many of those we are being urged to evacuate are actually Sudanese with joint nationality? We have no responsibility to them. Look at your passports to see the rules re joint nationals.

  21. The way he says the quiet part out loud at the end, amazing. “We thought we could get away with just getting diplomats, but other European nations are embarrassing us and the US so we need to do something now.”

  22. The European operation wasn't "security light". Germany alone had almost 1600 soldiers deployed, either in Sudan or Jordan, including light tanks and armoured vehicles. The French contribution was at least on the same level.


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