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Rusia preside reunión sobre protección de la carta de la ONU… que violó | Noticias DW

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Los aliados de Kiev criticaron a Rusia por presidir una reunión del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU sobre la protección de la Carta de las Naciones Unidas, que violó al invadir Ucrania.
El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Rusia, Sergei Lavrov, dijo que el mundo estaba llegando a un umbral peligroso, pero culpó a Occidente por la situación. Antes de la reunión, Lavrov dijo que la ONU enfrentaba una “crisis profunda”. Culpó a Estados Unidos e hizo acusaciones de agresión económica.

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  1. I know this is a rather unusual statement but I rarely see statements like this in the western media: my love also goes to all russians who stand for peace and suffer from their leadership and the sanctions! Too easily we use words like "Russia", "China", "the US", "Europe" or whatever, overseeing the truth that every country consists of individuals, most of them trying to somehow make a good living, wanting to spend time with their friends and families <3

  2. Russia has no business leading the UN security council , There needs to be a very clear law that states that a presiding leading member of the USC is not allow to initiate a military conflict against another country unless there is a clear and immediate danger which can be proved by verifiable data. If Russia wants to act in that way against Ukraine they must relinquish the role of leader of the USC. it should be that simple.
    The rational here is that a USC leader must objectively act to ensure peace and security and must not force its own self-interests on the council.

  3. Well Mr. Sergei lavrov spoke the 'right' thing it was translated wrong what he meant was " Russia is pooping on the terms of UN charter of security and Russia hates multilateralism and will not tolerate anyone near them to be uninfluenced by them"

  4. I now understand……Russia thought that if they invade Ukraine, the West and Ukraine will come begging on their knees for Russia to get anything they want. They wanted to use Ukraine as a bargaining chip with the West. Now it failed and they are back blaming the West and Ukraine for not wanting the war to end. Now I understand.

    Sorry, Russia. Ukraine must be free.
    Slavia Ukraine.

  5. All of a sudden I do understsnd russia's foyer into Ukraine and with other countries that it allready done so it would be alike to folks trushing Wallmarts in Chicago and as perpertraitors be considered to be victims by some obviously enterprising politicians. Lawrov should sue them for infringing on his patent rights.

  6. It is the us and un fault for trying to lead russia to believe u were putting nukes on thier border by saying u were adding them as a member of Nato.If someone wanted to make Mexico one of thier allies and not ours and put nukes on out border what would we do?Exactly it's your fault

  7. Germany's infrastructure, Nord Stream, was blown away by the master. Despite this, Germany has doubled down on Russia, which has provided cheap gas for all these years. If iam German i die in shame for generations ..Germans are you not ashamed for your political leadership

  8. Germans violate planet Earth when they breathe. Do you really think that anything is forgotten or forgiven for the "master race" or what Ukrainians actually did while serving your "uber alles" agenda? What is next, to listen what Japan 731 "thinks"?

  9. The Warsaw pact, both Minsk agreements by Germany-France were designed to trick Russian Federation. Odessa massacre, Donbas region wanting to join Russian Federation since President Poroshenko, the Ukrainian genocide in Donbas which has taken nearly 15,000 civilians from 2014 to 2021, Angela Merkel's revelation of the hidden truth about Minsk trickery, Boris Johnson stopping peace talks three times, Arestovich interview revolutions, Nordstream sabotage (an act of international terrorism by USA) by CIA as Seymour Hersh has published and as Victoria Newland and Biden have been telling, EU building NATO military bases around Russian border, Hunter Bidens 18 billion dollar venture in Ukraine and daddy's rushing to bail him out, 40 odd American bio labs and their documents of experiments that were asked to be investigated by the United Nations and denied are never questioned or investigated by western media networks or justice organisations. One might wonder where is that UN moto "sovereign equality" then?

  10. Die Deutschen benehmen sich wieder wie im 1939 . Sie wollen die wahrheit nicht war haben unf ihr hass gegen die Russen kann man vergleichen mit dem hass die Deutschen fur die Juden hatten und wir wissen was sie mit den juden gemacht haben. Genau so könnten sie das wieder mit Russe machen. so eine macht mit Hass

  11. The Russian Federation is a terrorist nation and should be expelled from United Nations Security Council. Russia does not share any of the core values of the organization. Kick those assassins out!!! 🇷🇺🤮👎

  12. Gilad Erdan, Israel's ambassador to the UN, concludes his speech during a Security Council meeting on the Palestinian question by leading a walk-out of the Israeli delegation. (20 Hours Ago)

    Gangs with Prisons (US)

    What have you done to make people love the President?..

    800 Million "dead" in Fifty years?

    Mr Safe Environment For Criminals?..

    The Police of the Worldly Standard?

    Action, reaction, reporting, Paycheck

    Saint Francis Does Not Impress

    The Wallflowers – One Headlight (Official Music Video)

    Nice Diet

    Middle Management What? Loyalty?.. Johnny Cash – Hurt

  13. The UNSC and the UN in general is weak. If anyone really cared about the genocidal war Russia is responsible for, they would have removed Lavrov and the rest of the Russian delegation. They have broken the charter and thus should have their membership revoked. The UN has done nothing in a year of war to hold Russia to account for it crimes against the Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

  14. I am shocked by the the realisation that in the 21st century a big country can conquer and annex territories of the smaller country. Technologically we are in the 21st century, but our mindset is still in the 17th century, in the age of empires

  15. Does anyone still remember Monroe Doctrine? Maybe it's time to review it in light of NATO expansion and putting military bases near Russia's borders. Heck, why should Russia feel threatened!

  16. I watched the whole translated interview, and everything Lavrov said was on point. The US is such a great democracy that they didnt even allow russian media a visa to report from the UN. Germany and DW get your nordstream pipeline blown up by the US, and you still go there licking their boots. A total embarrassment

  17. Lavrov did a great job exposing U.S. and E.U. foreign policy, which is based on their self proclaimed supremacy. He pointed out that these governments represent a minority of world's population, who dictate to majority outside these countries. I don't expect state media from U.S. occupied country like Germany give it a fair coverage.

  18. So who should chair this council? Perhaps Germany, involved in illegal wars of aggression against Ex-Yugoslavia and Afghanistan? Or the USA, GB, France etc., the main agressors all over the planet? How was this handled in case of the invasions of Iraq, Panama, Grenada….?

  19. The power in the "west" is not so much in any foreign policy. The power is in the everyday people who are free to learn, think ,move, speak, dream.Probably Russia China and others want to remove the power of the people from global circulation . Certainly nothing would be greater success for them .Russia China India probably do want to celebrate all people submitting to being their cannon fodder.

  20. Please watch this criminal team carefully…it is one of the most astoundingly violators of peace and they are talking preserving peace…psychomaniacs in action at UN. May their soul rest in pieces after they leave for the outer world


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