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Rusia (casi) obtiene suministros militares de Egipto || Pedro Zeihan

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Para vender equipo militar a los rusos, debe poder marcar un par de casillas. Primero, no puede estar preocupado por el retroceso político de asociarse con un país genocida y hambriento de guerra. En segundo lugar, tienes muchos suministros adicionales o no te preocupa entrar en guerra tú mismo.

Boletín completo: https://mailchi.mp/zeihan/rusia-casi-obtiene-suministros-militares-de-egipto

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  1. I long had the casual opinion that India and Egypt keep the West at arm’s length by buying military equipment from the Russians because they are former colonies and don’t want to be seen as too close, just as Algeria is described here. Good work as usual, Peter.

  2. Another consideration is that Egypt uses a mix of NATO and Soviet hardware. They have one of the largest M1 Abrams fleets outside of the United States – they need access to American supply chains. Then again, we've put up with a lot of shit from Saudi Arabia without cutting their lifeline.

  3. If North Korea is a good communist country, how could they sell their stuff? Don't they believe in "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need"? At the first hint of a profit, they're up to make money.

  4. Peter has a number of times stated that this is the Russians "war to lose"
    I don't get what advantage (other than threatening nuclear suicide ) he thinks Russia possesses to justify the statements
    It is never going to be Russia's "war to win"

  5. Yes but ther is more that.What drives them its Food the last Time Egipt Expirienc a Foodshortage Egipt whent in tho Arabfrühling And Russia can behind the Sceans Trhetem dem to cut the Food Supply.
    Sory for my Englisch im from Germany and this is actualy my third Laguage.😅

  6. Valid observations on Egypt and North Korea, nobody plans to invade either country, so ex-soviet/Russian hardware that is 'baking in the heat' of desert parking lots, should be resold to Russia for gold bullion or free oil. If Egyptian preventive maintenance is as good as Russian servicing, then recycled junk will only add to the paper inventories of Kremlin resources. Then there is the logistics of returning this "stuff" to Russia. With the Black and Baltic seas a 'high cost insurance' war zone for commercial shipping, does Moscow ship via Murmansk or Vladivostok? How much time and resources must be made to refurbish the tanks and armored equipment for battle? If Russian factories can not produce the T-14 and other modern equipment, does this junk end up in Russia's "Pick-a-Part" scrap yards? If destroyed tanks littered the Russian countryside, instead of Ukrainian territory, then Russia would become the world's largest toxic waste dump.

  7. Even if Russia somehow "won" the war tomorrow, it's hard to see how they could manage any power projection beyond Ukraine, because they'll have to occupy every inch of Ukraine for a long, long time. All the while fighting a NATO backed guerrilla war that will have many of the same logistical problems(which they excel at solving…) that they have now. Plus, they'll need to rearm for a new war against nations that are on an arms spending spree not seen since the 60s. And accomplish this in the face of a thoroughly alarmed NATO that they've cleverly surrounded themselves with. Finland, some of the grimmest fighters on Earth, now sits crouched like a wolf outside their door, under the Title 5 umbrella and no longer neutral. Sweden is right behind them. The Baltic is a NATO lake.
    Vlad destroyed the image of Russia as a legitimate world power and its capability of being anything but a regional troublemaker, if that.
    Well done, dummy.

  8. With how corrupt canada is now and how no politician is accountable for it. We are no different. This woke crazy ideology and 1984 reality we live in makes us no different. I'd be okay with russia and china BRICS winning just to get the wokeness to go away

  9. But the REASON the North Koreans are not worried about a war with the U.S. is because they know that we take Kim Jong Un’s nuclear threats seriously.

    Would he launch on us preemptively? No. Of course not. But we have to believe that he WOULD launch if we invaded, and that’s part of why it would never happen.

    Nuclear weapons are North Koreas’s proverbial “ace in the hole,” and everybody knows it. So it is not just blustering.

  10. Is it a war… Yes… Is it a genocide… I don't think so… They aren't making a specific discrimination towards a certain type or class of people, Russia is just conducting large violent war kinda typical to how the always have… Until they start targeting a type of people I don't think is right to just abuse the language like that.

  11. The Egypt story is fabrication. How about reporting real new, like how the CIA & Whitehouse had to scramble to stop the Ukrainians from firing rockets directly into Moscow? Wont hear that story on this channel. Why? Because its true. Egypt doesn't benefit by this nonsense. Just another way to fill NATO nations citizens with nonsense to distract them from the truth. Nobody has a better munitions production capability than Russia. The US couldn't fight a war in Europe for more than a few weeks with its miniscule stockpile of weapons. It cannot even keep Ukraine supplied. Anyone can hold off the 2nd largest force in the world when they burn thru $55 billion dollars in state of the art weapons in a few months. Nobody covers this war with accuracy except Colonel Douglas MacGregor, Scott Ridder, Colonel Tony Shaffer, retired CIA Ray McGovern/Larry Johnson & Phil Giraldi. Want facts & not fiction. Use your search box & these names.

  12. I mean it's not only North Korea, there are also some former Soviet republics that have not allied themselves with NATO, but those may be cleaned out already. But they could build up industry to supply the Russians, so long as the Russians can pay. I think a likely outcome of this war is that those central asian republics will switch over to Chinese hegemony (if they haven't already).

  13. He's back in Colorado. I think Pete is kind of like me. He is ethnocentric. He comes from Iowa. That's not quite smack dab in the middle of the US, but almost. So, he views everything from a US perspective. There are 50 or so countries helping Ukraine and so against the actions of Russia. I'll bet there is more than the US that Egypt thought, "We better not piss them off." Egypt buys food. Canada and Australia both sell a lot of food. Perhaps, the Egyptians didn't want to anger the Canadians.

  14. What everybody forgets is that Russia is not the Soviet Union so it not longer has access to those people and resources. It lost a lot of industrial capability especially when it lost the Ukraine.

  15. "This is still Russia's war to lose." Putin had lost this war by February 28, 2022. By that time it had totally backfired on him. By that time, due to his moronic invasion: 1. NATO had been revitalized. 2. NATO expansion was in over-drive. 3. The Russian Army had proven itself to be utterly incompetent. 3. The Russian economy was collapsing.
    Yeah, Putin can still win battles. Putin can still hold territories, or even take more territories, but it would be a Pyrrhic "victory". That would not end the war. That's when the endless guerrilla war begins. One can win on the battlefield but still lose the war. WHY DOESN'T ZEIHAN UNDERSTAND THIS? "Russia's war to lose." Bullshit.

  16. I think you are foolish for parroting the talking point that this odd a “genocidal war of aggression”. While they may be the aggressors in this case, this is simply a regime change. We’ve seen this time and time again because we do this, most notably, Iraq.

  17. @1:50 So the USA isn't worried about anyone because its giving away $115 billion in arms to Ukraine? & plans to defend Taiwan as well? Plus the 20yrs of ABSOLUTELY WASTED TAX DOLLARS in Afghanistan & over a Decade in Iraq?
    Trying to make the Russians look stupid here really isnt working, when you look at the stupidity of the US & its choices in the past 2 decades. Including spending over $12 Trillion dollars & QUITE LITERALLY nothing to show for it? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 😆 🤣
    & you think Russians & N. KOREANS look stupid by what you claim they are signaling?
    Joe cannot even form complete sentences or do a press conference without pictures of the Reporter & there name, with a Pronunciation guide as well. & the question written down ahead of time. & he is the leader of this genius war? 👏

  18. Won't other countries sell to N Korea in a semi-clandestine manner? How do we know what China sells to the N Korea? What about getting rid of old munitions and prior models to modernize? I have ZERO knowledge of this space, but it seems to me if there is money to be made, someone will find a way.

  19. According to his analogy everyone is us puppets. If not they become puppets of French or others. Who still thinks west preach democracy but not subjugation ?Double face liars since the Roman Empire. People are still dealing with.

  20. I think it is especially interesting Egypt changed its yes to a no considering how much oil Russia has given Egypt basically on an I.O.U. sort of basis. Russia has provided Egypt a lot of oil for almost no cost, and clearly, that was to win some perceived leverage over Egypt. Now that this boat of dreams has sunk, I wonder if Russia will continue to provide Egypt oil, or if they will reduce shipments to Egypt.

  21. Egypt's military is also a major major part of the economy. Like the military owns factories that make consumer goods, in addition to there being home grown weapons manufacture. It's very unusual to say the least.

  22. Let's correct Zeihan….the USA is the expansionary power. Russia just wants to protect it's ethnic Russians. Probably the real story was the US trying to make Egypt give their weapons to Ukraine.

  23. Personally, I believe it's West's war to lose. The Ukrainians are doing the heavy lifting by fighting and dying, while the western Europeans hold back in giving them modern weapons, instead supplying bits and pieces of outdated old stock. It needs modern weapons to achieve Victory. This applies to the Americans as well, who have been giving old stocks that they planned to scrap. ATACMS and F16 are off the table because it might upset Putin, or at least that the excuse. This is so ridiculous. It's time to help the Ukrainians win this war, instead of dragging it out at the cost of Ukrainian lives, just to draw down Russia's economy.

  24. Wouldn’t Russia have the ability to build whatever war machine they want? I would assume Russia has been building their war machine for at least a decade? I would assume they’d have their supply chain from raw material to assembly down by now and running at full capacity? Of course I could be wrong and they are desperately buying on the underground world market

    Perhaps we are already in a world war east against west anyways?

  25. "…not overly concerned about blow back from the United States…". The US gives Egypt…gives Egypt 1.3 Billion dollars in military aid each year. Egypt wants to sell weapons to Russia ? Unbelievable…I believe it, but it's hard to get my brain wrapped around how the US can give…give…Egypt 1.3 billion dollars in military aid and not take some punitive actions against it for even thinking about selling weapons to Russia. Of course the US did spend Trillions of dollars on Europe while Europe bought their gas and oil from Russia. Yeah, forget I said anything.

  26. You mentioned that Egypt isn't worried about their neighbors. You know way more about this than I do, so I'm curious about why Egypt isn't worried about Sudan. My understanding is that it's getting a bit chaotic and unpredictable there.

  27. I heard one story in the last few days of China may be an entity that might be able to "broker a peace deal".

    It seemed the 99 year lease that Hong Kong had with Britain resulted in a peaceful transition in 1997, I was in Beijing when that happened.

    Native American tribes seem to successfully do it well with American corporations as well, there is a Chevron station on an Indian Reservation land not far from me, that did that.

    Maybe, a 99 year lease between Russia and Ukraine could be a possibility, even though Russians are really a squatter (occupier/trespasser) "tenant" attempting to achieve adverse possession, and they failed to fill out an application, pay a deposit, or get approval from the Ukrainian Landlords. So it seems, the "civilized" world has become the constable now, but not easy evicting a tenant with nuclear weapons.

    Someday, maybe we can achieve a higher level of intelligence and start having robot wars on other planets (e.g. new form of "Olympic" competition between nations), with no human flesh involved, at least that way, we could fend off an alien invasion (if aliens exist), instead of fighting against ourselves. Technology is already rapidly, and vastly, exceeding the capacity of human flesh, to fight in wars, just hope the benevolent form of AI prevails.

  28. It isn't Russia's war to lose, it is Russia's first stage to lose.
    If Russia beats the Ukrainian military they enter stage 2 where Ukrainian civilians use bombs and ambushes to kill Russian occupation troops, and Ukrainians smuggle guns and bombs into Moscow. Imagine the first time an RPG round goes off inside a Moscow school bus!
    If Russians were smart they would ask the English about "the troubles" and then realize how many more Ukrainians there are than Irish and how much easier it is for a Ukrainian to reach Moscow than for an Irishman to reach London.


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