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Rusia arrasa con todo el equipo de morteros de Ucrania después de que los hombres de Zelensky lanzaran 40 bombas en Donetsk | Mirar

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Rusia ha dado una respuesta ‘despiadada’ a los 40 bombardeos consecutivos de Ucrania en Donetsk. El ejército de Vladimir Putin ha lanzado operaciones masivas a través de la línea de contacto. Una ola de misiles golpeó a Kherson, que se ha convertido en el Bakhmut de esta guerra. Las tropas de Moscú causaron daños importantes a las fuerzas ucranianas en la margen derecha del río Dnipro, cerca de Kherson, según el Ministerio de Defensa ruso. Rusia eliminó a todo un equipo de morteros de las fuerzas armadas ucranianas en Kherson. No solo eso, Rusia también ha volado otro depósito de armas de las fuerzas de Kiev en la región.

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  1. WOW! What kind of artillery machine is THAT!?! No don't say…too many WESTERNERS in here! Fk it's like you guys (invent) something NEW every MF DAY!!! Go RUSSIE GO! I LOVE IT!!❤❤❤❤🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺

  2. Most of the radicals extremist ultra nationalists sadistic Bandera followers don't fight face to face against the Russian army but kidnapped normal civilians citizens teenagers n women sending em to their death!!..

  3. Scorch-earthing is the most effective & transparent way to make sure the occupied territory clear from enemies' tenure & sheltering. Keep going to those buildings & infrastructures. Evacuate to save lives….

  4. Wot are you idiot doing… why end earth moron … make treaty all team usa, russa, India, England, France, China, izzreel zoos, … We need attack take many many land ♥️♥️♥️… and divide equally, i give prosper and peace … GOD WILLS IT 🤗 common let's gòooooooooo 🤗💪🤗☝️✊️😇

  5. Zelensky betrayed d Ukrainians. thanks to Zelensky's blunder otherwise the world will continue believing the west as good Samaritan what a Shame to d west for allegedly stealing Syrian oil. The respect of the world belongs to Russia as slowly appearing to the surface the evil deeds of NATO and the WEST. Asian people are not stupid like the President of d Philippines that allowed US bases to be deployed in it's soil. When Chinese missile hits Philippines then Filipinos will realize neighbour first before others. The West is so far yet it is everywhere promoting war. Shame on u people.

  6. Comme les autres reportage de Industan Time je n'ai aucune confiance en leur analyse de cette guerre : cela ressemble terriblement au site de RT ( Russia Today) banni de toutes les TV occidentales pour leur partialité pour la Russie…. du fake total

  7. The west says putin don’t want peace but they keep sending weapons to
    Ukraine 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️.

    Puppet Zelensky was ordered not to except any peace talk and he was continue with the war.

  8. I already know who start the Ukraine war, it was ZALENSKY gay fault he said "I'll make Ukraine better" but he send 80 bombing at Donbass and kill children, elderly, family and church, and when Russia start the strike that ZALENSKY gay sent send help at other countries to fight for Ukraine but only for die for money, I HATE YOU ZALENSKY

  9. Little clown Putin !Donetsk is ukranian and it is not because you put your dirty russian flag of shame on ukranian ground that the ground becomes tussian. The same for the Krim. In WW2 Hitler put his nazi flag everywhere in the world…Bad luck for you Putler ….We cannot suffer neo nazis invaders anymore…Even russian

  10. Something tells me Russia is actually being very merciful with the Ukrainians, and they’re not going at 20%, considering they have some mercy for Ukrainians, viewing them as brethren, but they are seriously concerned about western weapons BEING Positioned on the Russian border.

  11. Things banned to be shown on Hindustan times:
    – JDAM blowing up ORC nests north of Bakhmut
    – Russian pilot bombing own Russian city
    – Russia sending S-60 anti-air guns into Ukraine (Israel have some of them too, but in museums!)
    – Russian artillery attacking own troops
    – Russians calling home, telling the reality on the front, compared to the propaganda their loved ones see on TV.


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