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¿Quiénes son los actores regionales más importantes que buscan influir en los eventos en Sudán? | Noticias DW

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Los combates entre el ejército y los paramilitares rivales estallaron en el segundo día de una supuesta tregua de tres días en Sudán. Hay temores crecientes de una crisis humanitaria y un conflicto prolongado que podría desestabilizar aún más una región ya volátil.

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  1. The East Africans and the Arab World in general get what they ask for. A literal basket of corrupt, pathetic, self-serving despots who treat each other just as bad as they treat their own populations. Yet another failed state in the region of multiple basket-case countries.

  2. The good people of the Sudan don't deserve this, the sad reality is the $$$$$ hungry leaders of UAE (problematic country to Africa), Russia, Eritrea are the culprits to this issue. May God/Allah be on the side of the people of sudan.

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  4. If Russia needs to be brought to the table then the conflict will never end. Stop legitimizing Russia. This would be a major mistake. If russians see that conflict in Sudan lets them participate in the global affairs they will make sure the conflict will keep going.

  5. Wagner is supplying weapons to the RSF?? This is a lie because if Russia wants a military base in Sudan they will obviously take the side of the sudanese military/government because they’re much stronger then RSF. This portion of the report regarding this issue is an attempt by the media to sow mistrust between the Sudanese government and Russia to prevent Russia from being able to establish the navel base they want.


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