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¿Qué es el fentanilo? #fentanilo #drogabuso

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  1. It's tragic that people use it in illegal ways but I'd also like to remind people that it is also still used to help people in horrific pain, taken because doctors prescribed it so the sick person can have some small amount of quality of life. Addiction is a tragedy and we need to make treatment more readily available but I wish that the public understood how important access to opiate medication is for people with late stage cancer and countless medical conditions that cause immense pain and suffering.

  2. Thank you. This was so educational, I'm in Australia and it's becoming a huge problem over here as well. I watch another youtube channel too called 'The Life Boat' that really focuses on educating people on drugs and living happily in sobriety. Recently they have had a lot of shows about Fentanyl. They have a live stream at 5pm (Pacific Time) everyday except Wednesday and Thursday and you can call in live to talk about your experiences and ask the hosts questions. They are extremely knowledgable, helpful with no judgement and I know for a fact they have already saved quite a few lives. It's just a loving, friendly place to go, regardless of what is happening in your life and love helping people.
    Your channel and other ones like this are really needed to educate people about this horrific, growing nightmare .. so many people are dying. Thankyou again for your video. Please be safe everyone.


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