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Por qué el fentanilo es tan increíblemente peligroso

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Por qué el fentanilo es tan increíblemente peligroso


Recursos de ayuda

Línea de ayuda nacional de SAMSHA

Centros para el Control y la Prevención de Enfermedades

Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de EE. UU.


En este video, Justin del Instituto de Anatomía Humana analiza lo que los opioides, y más específicamente el fentanilo, le hacen al cuerpo.


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Línea de tiempo del vídeo

00:00 – 01:25 Introducción
01:26 – 01:36 Recursos de ayuda
01:37 – 02:12 Opiáceos vs Opioides
02:13 – 03:02 Opioides endógenos vs exógenos
03:03 – 06:27 El camino del dolor
06:28 – 07:34 La sinapsis
07:35 – 11:13 Receptores de opioides
11:14 – 12:27 Fentanilo
12:28 – 14:00 Sobredosis
14:01 – 15:03 Retiro
15:04 – 16:35 Perspectiva de Justin
16:36 – 19:45 Comprender su entorno


Crédito de audio: https://www.bensound.com
Editor de vídeo: Ashley Bigbie


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  1. Video I had to leave a kind of shity comment for somebody that told their little fake story about opioids looking for attention I can't stand these children that it's a serious topic and I have no time for assholes like that back to the topic at hand this is a great informative video presented well and I think you did a great job I really appreciate you getting correct information out there I've learned, I also more dramatic brain injury I sustained a lot of drama and I've been off and on. Tobias for almost 16 years I'm functioning but I have to take fentanyl now just to handle the amount haven't received any kind of pain management for the rest of my life and I think it's barbaric when they withhold pain meds from people who seriously need them to be able to have some ability to care for themselves and function like a normal person before they became ill…. It is hard enough knowing that your life has been shortened and grievouly compromised but then they tell you you can't manage your pain with the point in living

  2. Instead of the billions we’ve poured into the drug war (never stopping anyone who wanted drugs from getting them) we put that money to helping addicts get support to get sober. I’ve know three bright, talented young people lost to heroin who could get very little help for rehab.

  3. i’m frequently in the hospital requiring strong pain medication for a condition where stones form in my kidneys at an alarming rate. it’s insane how they’ll just shill out opiates even if they think you’re 100% there just to get pain meds. i once went to the ER twice in less than a week, and even though i tried to tell them at my second discharge that i still had a mostly full box of oxycodone from a few days before, they still gave me another one. by the time they found the problem, they’d given me about 100 oxy pills total that i just. had at home with me. even tho for the entire time i was trying to get medical help, they thought i was just drug seeking. the cognitive dissonance was crazy.

    despite the opioid crisis being no secret, there’s no real attempt from doctors to help curb dependency rates even though the hospital is where a lot of those addictions start.

  4. I was once prescribed oxy (21 years old) after surgery. I took it for two days before I read the bottle and realized, "wait, I heard of that let me google it". Threw the pills away when I realized what oxy is. But, for what its worth, it wasnt addictive. all I remember was getting sleepy on them. No sense of euphoria or anything. Maybe addictiveness is genetic?

    I know that 3 or 4 of my wifes family members died from Heroin/Fentanyl addiction. So addiction seems to be genetic

  5. You should do a video on Methadone versus Suboxone. You seem to have a massive crowd of dope heads and I would love to see how you break it down. My white board drawings can’t hold a candle to this! Great video!

  6. I work in a homeless shelter. I've watched many opioid overdoses. It's absolutely heartbreaking, especially if it's a client you've gotten to know.

    I've seen them wake up in agony and actually get violent with paramedics because in their state, they don't understand what's going on.

    I recently heard two of my former clients died of overdoses. Wonderful people, but couldn't cut that stuff out. Got trapped in a vicious cycle.

  7. I hope and pray no one in my family gets hooked on this s—. I weened myself off of Lorazepam after 10 years of nightly use for insomnia. I thought I was going to die for 8 straight days.
    I can't imagine the withdrawal from opioids. Kudos to all of those who have slayed the dragon and my heart goes out to all of those trying to. I've seen too many friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc affected by opioids.
    Please God, watch over all of us 🙏🏽.

  8. My 3 year old son who was battling cancer was on a drip of 4 fentanyl during a pert of his treatment that he had to be on life support for and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever had to witness in my life. Not only was it unbearable for him to be on but the withdrawal still gives me nightmares of watching your young child go through. It was so bad he pulled his broviac out of his chest in a withdrawal manic episode when we was hallucinating. It will haunt my husband and I for the rest of our lives.

  9. I used to take codeine then tramadol for joint pains after an accident, got badly addicted to both for a good 2 or 3 years and started mixing them, i remember one night waking up taking a deep breathe and it felt like I had stopped breathing for a while, was the strangest feeling, pretty much never touched them again after that but it was a horrible time getting it all out of your system and dealing with the withdrawl

  10. Cuánta dopamina se liberará en forma de neurotransmisores al consumir fentanilo? Había leído que las anfetaminas podían aumentar hasta 1000% la secreción de dopamina, mientras que un chocolate solo 55% más

  11. Opioid withdrawal sucks. It’s like feeling exhausted and wide awake at the same time, feels like being hot and cold at the same time, feels like your entire body is too tired to move and then the restless legs and insomnia is crippling

  12. DO YOU KNOW WHY WE ARE LOSING THE WAR ON DRUGS IN AMERICA? There this hostess bar in San Francisco Chinatown that own by the Chinese call MAJESTIC. That place is not a hostess bar but more like a TRAP HOUSE! And what is a TRAP HOUSE? It a place where you walked in there as a normal person but come out as a DRUG ADDICT! Let me tell you what happens at this hostess bar so you and your family don't fall for this TRAP. When we first got there at MAJESTIC, our driver Johnny drop us off and he went and park the car, we are in San Francisco Chinatown. When we walk inside MAJESTIC the guy that I was with say let Johnny to talked to the manager. When Johnny got inside MAJESTIC he would of TALKED IN SOME KIND OF SLANG WHERE ONLY HIM AND THE MANAGER WOULD UNDERSTAND! The manager sent us to a room kind of like a karaoke room. Three girls came in and sit with us because there was three of us and we are at a hostess bar. The girls don't understand english so every time we talk to them, we got to talk to there phone so it would translate to there language. So I know they are some illegal immigrants from China. Ten minutes later Johnny ask the girls "CAN I GET SOME COCAINE?" The girl say " THE MOMMA GOT SOME." And left the room and came back with some COCAINE. LOL the girls don't understand english but they do understand "CAN I GET SOME COCAINE." Johnny and the guy that went with us started snorting the COCAINE. One of the girls say "YOU SNORT COCAINE." IT BETTER IF YOU SMOKE IT. SO SHE PUT THE COCAINE IN THE CIGARETTE AND STARTED SMOKING IT. RIGHT WHEN I SAW THAT I TOOK OF MY JACKET AND COVER MY NOSE AND MOUTH RIGHT AWAY! WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT BREATHE IN THAT CRACK COCAINE SMOKE.(WHEN YOU SMOKE COCAINE IT CALL FREE-BASE) THAT SECONDHAND CRACK COCAINE SMOKE CAN AND WILL GET YOU ADDICTED!! THAT IS WHY ALL THE VIETNAMESE ON DRUGS CRACK COCAINE AND NOW METH. THAT SECOND HAND CRACK COCAINE SMOKE IS SO DANGEROUS, THEY JUST WANT YOU TO SMELL IT! YOU SMELL IT THE FIRST TIME IT MIGHT NOT GET YOU ADDICTED BUT THE SECOND OR THIRD TIME YOU SMELL IT PROBABLY WILL GET YOU ADDICTED OR GET YOU INTO TRY AND SMOKE IT! THAT'S WHY SO MANY PEOPLE HOOKED ON CRACK COCAINE IT BECAUSE OF THE SECONDHAND SMOKE. THAT WHY WHEN YOU COOK CRACK COCAINE THAT SECONDHAND SMOKE AND SMELL CAN AND WILL GET YOU ADDICTED. AND I KNOW THIS HAPPENS TO A LOT OF THE VIETNAMESE ALREADY BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT THEY TRY TO DO TO ME. THEY WOULD OF SLIP A PILL IN YOUR DRINK WHEN YOU DON'T NOTICE THAT WOULD PUT YOU TO SLEEP! YOU FALL ASLEEP IN THAT MAJESTIC PLACE AND THEY START SMOKING THAT COCAINE YOU WILL COME OUT OF THAT MAJESTIC PLACE AS A CRACK COCAINE ADDICT! THAT PLACE MAJESTIC HAVE GOTTEN SO MANY AMERICANS HOOKED ON CRACK COCAINE AND IT NOT JUST THE VIETNAMESE. THAT PLACE MAJESTIC PLACE IS LEGENDARY ALL THE VIETNAMESE KNOWS ABOUT THAT PLACE. I HEARD ABOUT THAT MAJESTIC PLACE IN THE EARLY 80'S WHEN I WAS JUST A KID! THAT PLACE MAJESTIC HAVE GOTTEN SO MANY AMERICANS HOOKED ON CRACK COCAINE ESPECIALLY THE VIETNAMESE! So don't let you and your family fall for this TRAP because where ever they have one place like this in America THEN THERE ARE MANY MORE PLACES LIKE THIS MAJESTIC IN AMERICA!! If I got to guess there at least one MAJESTIC IN EVERY CHINATOWN IN AMERICA!

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  14. They say every generation have there great story teller and I am the great story teller of my generation. And I am going to be one of the greatest story to ever live because the stories I tell can save you and your family from a life of crime, humiliation and DRUG ADDICTION! And I do have a lot more great stories to tell and I hope my life story can save you and your family from a life of DRUG ADDICTION.

  15. You taught me a lot. All it makes sense! I’ve always wondered why my skin starts hurting during withdrawals, sheesh it’s so uncomfortable, on top of the body temperature issue(can’t get warm, can’t stop sweating)vomiting and diarrhea. I got a neck injury two years ago and I ended up on oxy. So far I’ve managed to stop twice (5 weeks last summer, and two months February and March) I really kicked it the last time but for whatever reason my brain seems to never let go. I relapsed two weeks ago. And I’m realizing the withdrawals can become worse after relapse. Also the 2 months did not do anything for tolerance. I didn’t stop for a tolerance break, I stopped because oxy(the kind not laced with fent) is expensive Asf, and even just one oxy a day is still too expensive(14.6k annually) and then all the fent laced pills floating around, I recently lost close friends and I didn’t even know they were using. Anyway, I’ve been doing all this with no help, no rehab or programs, just me all alone trying to figure it out. I did manage to kick nicotine completely after 16 years, I believe I could kick oxy for good too

  16. Story time:

    A guy on the beach OD’d on fent. A guy tried to do CPR. Well, the dude who did CPR died from a fentanyl overdose. Why? The fumes from the overdosed man’s mouth transferred from him to the Good Samaritan and caused the death.

    Yeah, don’t do fentanyl. This happened in New York, Long Island, I believe. Or somewhere close near it. New York, Long Island, is the hub for opioids. So many horror stories floating around. That’s just one of them.

    Here’s another thing you should know:

    If you ever see somebody OD’ing on an opioid and need emergency narcan, go to the nearest pharmacy and ask for it. Make sure you have your ID. They’ll give you narcan if you have your ID no questions asked. This is how my father saved a druggies life on the side of the road. He was turned down because he didn’t have his ID, so my father got the life saving drug for him.

    Just a tip. And don’t be that asshole that’s like “they deserve what’s coming to them”. Help a fellow human out.

  17. Wow! So what about in the hospital when they give it to you (whoever) for pain medicine? Also after hearing what you said about it being stronger than morphine, the hospital actually mixed morphine AND fentanyl and gave it to me… dang

  18. I couldn't watch this before because I didn't want to know what my child went through, but I watched it all today, happy and not happy about watching this. Well explained thanks for this information.

  19. Norco, an immediate acting opioid (pictured),and OxyContin, a long acting opioid, are not the same medication. Also, a strength calculation chart would have been a better placeholder than a bottle of Norco. Just my .02¢

  20. Id sure love to see you do one on Methadone! I've been on Methadone for 6 years now & in the beginning I'll admit, I wasn't responsible with it & I'm here to tell ya, after being an addict who literally would do ANY DRUG offered to me & have had more withdraws during that time than I can count, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Methadone is BY FAR THE MOST Excruciating, MOST PAINFUL withdraw IMO! I have never in my entire life felt a pain like Methadone withdraw & I don't wish it on anyone! Thank God for where I am today though!

  21. I went to a Kratom place near my house because I was curious on what it's all about and I pass by all the time. Kratom is supposed to have opioid-like effects but it's legal.

    It had a delayed fuse and kicked in about 1 hour after I drank the smoothie. I could not stand the way I felt and it took damn-near 18 hours to feel normal again. I don't see the appeal of opioids …. I'll stick to drinking craft beers like a hipster.

  22. today im 45 days clean off of IV fentanyl. i got out of my 9th inpatient rehab 17 days ago and it’s hard being out in the real world in a big city where everyone’s smoking off the foil on the street but i have to remember why i’m doing this. im22 years old and started using heroin when i was 15…it isn’t my first time trying to get clean but i had my 8th overdose before i went into rehab last time and being a junkie is no way to live, its not a life at all. much love to all of my fellow addicts in recovery, and ESPECIALLY the ones that are still using. please stay safe <3

  23. Not an addict, but I was drugged at work with Fent, I called my ride to take me to the hospital and they did a drug test on me. An hour later it comes back positive with Fent.I'm lucky to be alive right now, and right now I'm in the process of moving to a better city.

  24. I was a fentanyl addict for a year, and I am clean now, for about 2 years. But I am probably one of the only former addicts you will find that thinks that opiates should be legal, regulated, and age restricted. The people who want them will find them one way or another. All we are doing by making them illegal is forcing normal people to become criminals, interact with criminals, put potential poison in their bodies, and put billions of dollars into the pockets of cartels and terrorists

  25. And who would if you just didn't jam your finger but you have a broken neck in that bone disease and osteoporosis and so many more that I can put in for myself at least wear a doctor won't give me morphine so I have to go on the street together because I need to function so sister just don't even one of your boyfriends anybody legitimately who has pain I have to turn to the streets why don't you talk about that

  26. the only reason Fentanyl is dangerous is because cops are free masons.. and free masons are whores.. they are choosing to destroy our nation and blame freedom to give ultimate power to whore leaders.. every little "demcrat" and similar who thinks they are going to get what they want by causing a mess and making our liberties seem stupid… is settingup a pol pot kind of moment… judgement.. rich and poor.. North Korean style of leadership.. none of it is right.. but the cult sold on it's own lies … thinks it is..

    cell phone tech alone is enough to completely remove all hard drugs … the police have enough money.. they arent doing their jobs.. they are not prosecuting the poltiicans who caused the collapses.. they are resigned to traffic stops and response to domestic violence..

    our leaders have chosen to tolerate it….. Cannabis is a far better choice than alsochol in every way… but mystery the whore… loved fire water.. for the kids she dazzled with hope to have community.. by going along with a preacher who made God and Christ seem like nonsense instead of physics which were necessary to explain to the next generation.

    this is what happens when people are too stupid to realize that when peopel seek wealth to be lazy… they have absolutely no chance of administering or reinvesting that wealth in a fashion that is not lazy…. so you get tyranny.. crooks committing piracy in the name of good.. and crapping on the future of mankind… because they are literally to lazy and stupid to ask.. what mankind and all life is.

    the crack heads do not deserve to have their bowels burned before their eyes….. the leaders broke their oaths…they were born into it…tricked into it…but as they look to pirate everyone they are allowed to judge unworthy of having a home or a place in society… they were the only ones who were genuinely due judgment.

  27. Hoping you can answer this question–I've had my wisdom teeth out and knee surgery and both times was given Oxy. I took 2-3 pills at the scheduled times post surgery and felt AWFUL. Like foggy brain and just bleh overall and didn't even seem to help with the pain. I flushed them and took Tylenol instead. After my c-section I bluntly refused any opioids and asked for prescription NSAIDs instead.
    Do some people not react "positively" to opioids? And if so, why?

  28. I was sold a substance online from someone I bought kratom from. He told me it was a natural kratom product and it turns out it was Tianeptine. It’s a synthetic anti depressant but hits on an opiate receptor. I cannot make it through the withdrawals. It’s been 3 years. I can’t afford to miss the work to go into a medical detox. If the mail messes up I take opiates like fake pain pills heroine and fentanyl to not withdrawal. Opiates used to make me so sick when I was a kid experimenting with drugs. If it’s a real prescription pill anything less than 30-50 milligrams won’t even get rid of my tianeptine withdrawals. It’s a living nightmare

  29. I have Ehler's Danlos Syndrome and am in pain 24 hours a day I have nerve pain and musco skeletal pain. I have been on opioids for 7 years I don't take ore than prescribed and I take the throughout the day as a should but at night if I'm staying up later than normal and haven't taken my bedtime dose yet I feel the withdrawals. People can so easily succumb to that pain and the "flu" that comes with it. I honestly wish my state would legalize another substance so I could use it instead.

  30. You know what also causes addiction to street drugs that are dangerous and easy to overdose on? Well I've had severe back pain for years I'm only in my early 30s and already using a can I wake up Crying in pain basically A couple of times a week I can't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time because it just makes my back ache not stop and I can't sleep on my back at all or become paralyzed and wake up screaming I have been skinny most of my life but I've gained a bit of weight so it's made it worse and it's hard to exercise because of the pain although I try Technically I should be prescribed something for my pain but the doctors never listen to me I legitimately need and deserve and how about right to pain killers As a Canadian citizen I have degenerating disks and now what feels like pinching nerves and I can only walk about 1⁄2 a block without Extreme pain and have to sit down I even get dizzy And I definitely can't run so I have to be able to fight just in case which is scary I turned to street drugs because I couldn't get any help from doctors Eventually went from Hydromorph 2 fentanyl which is way more dangerous I'm also on Methadone no tell me why they can't give me a pain pill everyday just like I have to go get my methadone everyday methadone does not help with pain at all it just keeps you off straight drugs well instead of that why don't you give me actual prescription drugs that I know the amount and what is in it and it can't help me if I take it properly it's me having to find something dangerous Highly addictive and life risking for the pain? That causes addiction as well because people who truly need it are not given it My back is never going to get better it's only going to get worse as I age so I should be on painkillers for the rest of my life they could even monitor me just like they do with methadone but no I'm Stuck on methadone every single day that does nothing for the pain And I either have to suck up the pain or take my chances with street drugs and I don't think it's fair and then I get called a drug addict when people don't understand How much pain Im mean I have 3 little dogs that like to get walked and I also have 16 year old child and an 11 year old child who I have regular visits with that like to do things and our active and I feel horrible That my back keeps me from doing fun activities with them it's not fair to me or them Obviously I keep this a secret from my family because they would look down on me but they wouldn't if I got a real prescription but thanks to everybody else that's never going to happen

  31. I broke my leg last year, and was administered fentanyl during the ambulance ride to the hospital. Gotta say, they were extremely conservative with the amount they used. It didn't do anything. I am not joking when I say 1000mg of Tylenol worked better. This is NOT an endorsement for fentanyl or any opioids, really. What it is, is an observation that medical practices are down right scared to administer anything but the barest minimum. Heh, ten years ago, I went to an Urgent Care facility. I walked out with a prescription of 100 Xanax o_0. (I was fine, recycled most of them, they weren't worth the side effects). A second ambulance ride, I was put on ketamine. It didn't numb the pain, I could just ignore it. For myself, in a controlled, monitored setting, I think for some people ketamine could have very positive medical uses. Controlled and monitored can't be stressed enough.

  32. I was an opioid addict for a decade. Been clean over 6 years with the help of suboxone. Without it I wouldn’t be a mom, hold down a job or bought my own car and found a good man. I love my life and I’m finally cutting down and one day soon be completely off of everything and not ever be dependent on anything for the rest of my life.

  33. crawl under your prison toilet in fetal position shit & throwup don't shower imagine the worse chills or a deadly fever all at same time and that's almost withdraw …cant put real dope sick in words

  34. My husband has SEVERE neuropathy pain in his feet from over 4yrs of dialysis. Hes tried shots in his neck, back & feet. Hes tried 2 different nerve stimulators & the only thing that has ever caused any relief is oxycodone & fenlenl patches. Is there ANY other solutions known for that severe neuropathy?

  35. I've been told the chances of an addict getting & staying clean after being addicted to fentanyl is lower than 10% whereas addicts on actual heroin or opioids have something closer to 30-40% chance if they work hard at it. Goes to show, it's hard enough to stay sober when you get clean off opiates but to a have a 10% probability could make an addict never even try if he knows how little a chance they truly have

  36. I lost my brother tonight from overdose. I’m trying to just understand and at the same time keep my faith. Truly happy for all those people commenting saying they’re sober now. Happy you’re all still alive

    Please pray for my family

  37. Hey soy boy How's the war on drugs working out there buddy What are you gonna give for a paying shot when you're fucking shot by a gun not that I'm gonna do it but when you're bugging Fort you need it How about somebody Is very ill Not enough research about the Corona virus either You better reasoning your point of view buddy cause I'm going to start flagging Your Channel For miss Information because you don't know All the research

  38. I was on heroin for two years and when ever I couldn’t get my drugs the withdrawals were so bad I’d nearly do anything to get what I needed. That’s why there’s so much crime related to drugs. People don’t want to feel like they’re going to die so they’ll steal and kill to get the money to avoid this. It’s sick. I put myself into rehab three times before finally beating my addiction. I honestly don’t see how anyone can do it cold turkey. Either they’re lying or their body chemistry made them more tolerant to the withdrawal pains. I had flashbacks of my experiences just listening to this video

  39. In January I broke my fibula in three places,ripped multiple ligaments and I was in severe pain for ten days before I could have surgery and the doctor prescribed drugs that absolutely did nothing for the pain because there mindset is everyone are drugies and they can’t give anything that works effectively anymore. Rather have you suffer and not care what your going through. THANKS BECAUSE EVERYONE IS A DRUGGY 😡


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