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Momento en que un avión de combate ruso arroja accidentalmente una bomba en Belgorod, Rusia

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Momento en que un avión de combate ruso arroja accidentalmente una bomba en Belgorod | Este es el asombroso momento en que un avión de combate ruso bombardeó accidentalmente su propia ciudad de Belgorod, cerca de la frontera con Ucrania, en un humillante error cometido por las fuerzas de Vladimir Putin. El video muestra el avión de combate Su-34 arrojando por error la bomba en medio de una carretera en la ciudad el jueves por la noche antes de que la munición explotara en una enorme bola de fuego. La explosión, que atravesó la carretera, esquivó por poco autos en movimiento y un bloque de apartamentos en Belgorod, que está a unas 15 millas de la frontera con Ucrania. La gran explosión dejó un enorme cráter de 70 pies en medio de la carretera y dañó casas y carreteras. Dos mujeres resultaron heridas en la explosión, una de ellas hospitalizada. Las imágenes de video del sitio mostraron montones de concreto en la calle, varios autos dañados y un edificio con ventanas rotas en un desastre que podría haber sido mucho peor.

Artículo original: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11998047/Putin-warplane-bombs-RUSSIAN-city-Video-shows-Su-34-jet-strike-narrowly-miss-apartment-block.html
Vídeo original: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-2923421/Video-Moment-Russian-bomb-explodes-fireball-hits-Belgorod.html

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  1. People cheer that some random person or family got blown up here but the Russian citizen is as much in control of their government's actions, policies and decisions, as are any of us in control of our own governments. Probably even less in fact.

  2. It was highly likely a penetrator (concrete piercing bomb) of sorts with a delay ignition because as you saw in the footage it took some seconds for the blast force to come out from below and it pushed the car and concrete first upwards like a fountain instead of sending it farther left and right. And yet the right comment is..WTF!!🙄



  3. to all you lousy people on here laughing about certain mistakes the only mistake here here is that your laughing now but won't be in the near future WAR IS INEVITABLE, conflict in every generation don't you forget that I'll see you lot in the other world

  4. Luckiest possible scenario for the residents, all but one car got out of the way, and if that bomb dropped a split second earlier it would be penetrating and exploding from inside those buildings in the back

  5. hello the president of kazakhstan is like a mouse that plays a double game between russia and america he is a hypocrite sycophant seeks profit from america and russia helps russia sends oil from russia to russia the government of kazakhstan fled to almaty gives Russians citizenship and work in almaty

  6. This was a Russian guided bomb with a deployable set of wings to increase the range. Because of the proximity of Beligrad to Ukraine, it’s likely that this bomb was deployed in the safe airspace over Russia targeted at Ukrainian forces in Ukraine but the bomb’s wings failed to deploy and it fell far short. The delay in explosion is likely a timed fuse or maybe the live wire from the street lights.

  7. The 🇷🇺 “military” is comprised of a bunch of incompetent, ill-disciplined, unprofessional, 💩🧠🥃🤡 with (due to the massive amount of corruption in their nation), probably left their ☢️ to atrophy in storage and silos for years and decades with little to no routine maintenance but what do I know?

  8. This is just crazy 😢😢 their handling dangerous weapons and don’t even know how to use them without blowing their own city up I pray for the citizens of Russia because it’s not them that’s doing this and I’m sure most of them are standing up against this.


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