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Más países evacuan ciudadanos de Sudán l GMA

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Países como Francia y el Reino Unido ahora se apresuran a evacuar a los ciudadanos durante un alto el fuego de 72 horas negociado por los EE. UU. https://abcn.ws/40BWzlA SUSCRÍBETE a ABC News en YouTube: https://bit.ly/2vZb6yP actualizaciones: http://abcnews.go.com/ Mira EPISODIOS COMPLETOS en Hulu: http://abcn.ws/3bzvQQn #news #sudan #khartoum #war #worldnews #abcnews

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  1. Those involved in organising, implementing and enabling this horrific war in Sudan should be ashamed… their actions are a disgrace to humanity. Their selfishness is offensive to their own people. Both leaders and their supporters should be deposed, removed and receive the punishment that they both deserve for putting their own people through this. The ordinary people of Sudan should demand this LOUDLY….they deserve peace.

  2. Y evacuate. Take out the enemy. Just take over and let the world know.i feel bad for the innocents but cut out the cancer. Don't waste tax payers money on bs, let the military practice, I'd rather my taxes go to that.hmmmm

  3. Guidance like official advisories to evacuate the country months and weeks before conflict outbreak? Common sense is critical. In a country where power outages, telephone n cell service interruptions increase with conflict, how are reliable communications possible? Important that families have own contingency plans like typhoon preparation, have food, energy supplies, medication, extra gas, batteries, chargers, multiple evacuation routes, planned out, candles, pet carriers, pet food, cash, suitcase ready to go on a moments notice. All this is especially important if you have senior parents, children, family or friends with disabilities, dependents with needs, pets, and so forth, anyone or anything requiring more time and care to move.

  4. Can anybody believe this?

    Richard Nixon was the President in the early 70s. He got caught in the Watergate scandal, so he resigned. Bill Clinton was the President in the 90s. He got caught with his pants down, and just like Nixon, he also resigned. Donald Trump became President in 2017. He got caught trying to overthrow the government and is running to be President again in 2024. Can anybody tell me what is missing in this picture? There are a couple of things missing, maybe even more coming out of this new millennium to a new world order. Number one is to be human. It would seem the system that money is made from has a mind of its own and does not need human intervention to keep it working, also has artificial intelligence already become the new reality of this new world order where intelligence and the soul no longer need to connect? Number two is the concept of right and wrong. It seems that right and wrong do not matter anymore when it comes to making laws for people to follow. When Adolf Hitler ruled over Germany, he was considered a deity and could do no wrong. Do people really want to elect a Godfather to rule over the universe (possessing nuclear weapons ending all life as we know it) that also can do no wrong? Has social media (the news) gone insane reporting on politicians who cannot tell the truth even if their jobs depended on it (which it doesn't)? The news is making it sound like Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be running against each other in 2024. How is this possible? If the news is right where is the truth to be found to get to the bottom of this story would the headlines read "has America sold its soul to the devil"? One question left to be asked… When did people of this world stop being human? Maybe Franklin Graham, whose father was the pastor to the Presidents, was right, and Donald Trump does come from God's will. If Donald Trump is the new Messiah, and I am living in heaven, why am I feeling so confused not to mention depressed? Why are politicians constantly compromising reality to make their lies work in their alternative facts and logics to fool mother nature? Does anybody remember the good old days when if you had a headache you could take an aspirin and make it go away? If Jesus does support America does that mean that greed is good and avarice is no longer a deadly sin?. I have never thought it was possible that the human race could throw reality out the window, but now I know anything is possible. I think the whole world needs a mental check, but if Wall Street is to pay for it who is to pay for Wall Street. Does money really grow on trees? Why does the world even need Wall Street? Why can't everybody just shop at Amazon buy their own printing press and print their own money? The concept is you have to believe in money to make it work. Why is believing in money easier than believing in God? The world is over $300 trillion in debt. What's so hard about believing in money people can make for themselves? Why can't God go expendable? If people really did vote to have their bread butterd by Satan what is there left in this world for God to do anyway?


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