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Los multimillonarios en Rusia ganaron medio billón a pesar de las sanciones. Así es como| Ventaja con Palki Sharma

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Los multimillonarios en Rusia ganaron medio billón a pesar de las sanciones. Así es como | Ventaja con Palki Sharma
Más de un año después de la guerra entre Rusia y Ucrania, Moscú parece estar bien. Según la evaluación de las agencias occidentales, Rusia está creciendo más rápido que el Reino Unido. Los ricos en Rusia son cada vez más ricos. ¿Han fracasado las sanciones de Occidente? Palki Sharma te cuenta más

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  1. Shame on the western gang ,how sad ,the USA Nato bloc use sanctions and war to impose their will on sovereign nations in order to control nations and exploit their ressources. This time around they met their match in Russia

  2. This war is good for Russia and her people, why end it. I suspect this war is going to keep going for the next 10 years and when it ends, half of Ukraine will belong to Russia forever. The US and its puppet states in Europe will have hard time accepting the reality.

  3. Humanity need to rise on westerners leaders simply, they are not fixing the world but rather dismantling the world. Sanctions on Russians are even hurting continent Africa & other nations around the globe more than Russia itself. Western leaders are destroyers "period"
    Unfortunately, Mr. Putin is more smarter than them…

  4. JOE BIDEN made zelensky the multimillioner and made all americans the beggars and soon there wont be any differences between americans and africans, indians,asian and other same level and maybe be worst then others near future as most americans started to move from usa to eroupe for survival? LIFE FU CKED EVERYONE IN USA?

  5. This news insert proves one thing and one thing only – the steady decline of American global influence in practical terms due to weak leadership.
    (I won't be surprised if YouTube censors the likes to this comment as they usually do with my other comments which technically proves my point actually).

  6. Thanks Palki, for bringing the Truth to the collective consciousness that connects All of us, so we can make the realisations, according to conscience, that, combined, will be able to 'change the tide' so we can be In.sanity. FULL STOP INTENDED.

  7. Both US amd Russia are beneficiaries of the Ukrain conflict. Only Ukraine is loosing its land and its people. Yet, they do not seem to understand it. My gut feeling is that Ukrain officials at high places are also benefiting from it.

  8. Though I understand your one sided reporting and portraying how rich getting richer is a great sign. A better way would be to understand middle class. I also get how west or every nation is usually hypocritic.

  9. A bunch of men that profiteer off of war made money during the War, you don't say. I've always said it's about these Russian billionaires, and I also said this would happen. The sanctions didn't fail, greed is a overwhelming power.

  10. This isnt the wealth of Russians, this is wealth of the few, off the back of a war, there are always winners in war and its usually the rich. Sanctions take time, Urals oil is down lets take a look at Russia in a year….
    This report missed many economic signals that are down …. oil and gas revenue is down about 45%. The Ruble has lost 40% against the American dollar and Russia is posting huge deficits (borrowed this!)
    is Palki sponsored by Moscow?

  11. The other secret is unwavering support form Two of the biggest economies in the world. Worlds 2nd biggest China and world 5th India. They combned managed to compensate and divert the European based economy to Asian region. Unlike early days modern world based on supply and dsemand. And it is no secret EU nations thought sanctioned are buying Russian products through India and Asia and from US for a higher price. What I see is the problem is Russia is too big as a country.. 1/8 of the land size of the world spanning 12 time zones. It has nearly everything. Abundant of natural resources from Gas, Oil, rare earth mineral, nuclear fuel, tech, weaponry and battle hardened pride people. The lasted centuries from Russian empire to USSR to Russian federation. This gamble will definitely backfire on EU in long run. It's like Putin is telling "I can do this all the way". With friends like China and India Russia will thrive and drag EU to recession.

  12. Americans ,western+ their stupid NATO , they think they're created by their own & special God!!! & cheat themselves to have a uniqueness !!!!!!! THIS IS A MARE STUPIDNESS OF HIGH ORDER !!!!!!
    Its time for them to LAG behind NOW through their GREEDINESS, SHAMELESSNESS &BLINDNESS !!!!!!!!!

  13. Russia is socialist country then how he gets wealth up-to hundred of billionaires? India is run in planned economy initially but only few billionaires, one Gautama Adani and another M. Abanami. USA now looking for these men, how to get some money out.

  14. It was stupid to sanction Russia. It could be easily predicted, but westerns, they live in alternative reality.
    Non stop lies about Russia and Putin, demonisation, lies to explain lies. Even these who creates lies, got messed up, believing in there own lies and propaganda.
    On top of this, lack of freedom of speech in the west. All Russian outlets, alternative point of view, is censored, Russian journalists are not allowed to work in the west, participate in press conferences, talk publicly( only these you can hear and see, who are sponsored by Soros)
    As a result lack of critical thinking about Russia. “Eexperts”, sharing the same opinion, who never been in Russian, do not read Russian and do not know Russian History, just the narrative, Bad, Evil, stupid,brutal, has no limits in creativity to create explanation, bridging the gap between expectation and reality.
    But by the end the only explanation they come with is by referring to the ego of Putin, who is unpredictable.
    Europeans are so funny then they got sacred

  15. Christoph Blocher , a Swiss oligarch earns with Russian oligarchs over the Swiss EMS Group a lot circumventing sanctions : " Dmitry Rybolovlev, a Russian businessman and investor, has had ties to the chemical industry in Russia, including the EMS Group, a major producer of fertilizers and chemicals. Rybolovlev's involvement with EMS dates back to the 1990s, when he served as chairman of the board of directors of the company's predecessor, Uralkali. Uralkali was later merged with another Russian fertilizer company to form the EMS Group, which Rybolovlev reportedly held a stake in.

    In 2010, Rybolovlev sold his stake in the EMS Group to another Russian businessman, Andrey Melnichenko, reportedly for a sum of $6.5 billion. The sale was one of the largest private deals in Russian corporate history at the time. Since then, Rybolovlev has reportedly focused on his other business interests, including his investments in the art world and in real estate.

    It's worth noting that the EMS Group has faced a number of legal and financial challenges in recent years, including disputes with the Belarusian government over its operations in that country, as well as allegations of price-fixing in the global fertilizer market "( ai ).

  16. Total failure of US and western countries , especially those European countries, who were too eager to engage sanctions on Russia. This is in modern history of international sanctions against Russia become Naive.

  17. Absolutely true… WION… cracks the coconut 🥥….!!! when sanctions are laid on the table then … the black market … grey market… orange market….many more … finds … path… !!! simple example..when a state bans alcohol the the demand increases … logical variables… and algorithmic probabilities. .. are methods to sanction issues…. !!😃😃😃✌️👍🌿

  18. Come on now Indians why are you peddling bullshit about the Russian economy. The Russian GDP in 2014 was 2.1 trillion dollars and now in 2023 its GDP fell to 1.6 trillion dollars do the maths. The increase of accepting an extra 5 million Russian speakers of Ukraine onto the population of 145 million Russians means Russians are living in poverty.


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