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Los aliados de Ucrania denuncian una reunión rusa ‘cínica’ en la ONU

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El ministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Rusia, Sergey Lavrov, acusó a Occidente de lo que él llama ‘abandonar la diplomacia’ cuando se trata de la guerra en Ucrania.
Lavrov, presidiendo una reunión del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU, también culpó a Occidente, en particular a Estados Unidos, de “una profunda crisis” en el sistema de la ONU.
Rusia ocupa actualmente la presidencia rotatoria del Consejo de Seguridad.
El secretario general de la ONU, Antonio Guterres, dijo que Moscú está causando un sufrimiento y una devastación masivos en Ucrania.

El editor diplomático de Al Jazeera, James Bays, informa desde la sede de la ONU en la ciudad de Nueva York, Estados Unidos.

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  1. UNINSTALL the UN! Dismantle it, end it, let it fall…. the idea behind UN was nice, but it does not work. Allowing a dictatorship to be the head of UN is beyond comedy. A country actively continuing a genocide, starting and continuing an illegal war, that the majority of UN members have condemned… why do we have the UN????? Totally useless waste of money…. the millions going to roll the byreaucratic theater, could go to the people of Ukraine.

  2. Russia same today as Hitler's germany .
    Hitler never attacked any country.
    Germany only defended itself.
    Germany had to defend itself Hitler said, just like we hear Russia say today.
    Russia did not attack Ukraine just like Hitler did not attack a single country

  3. Desperate RuSSIa is losing 🙂 So they talk this nonsense. But what is dissapointing, China stands by them (against the West). You know the frustrated ones always stick to each other. China only wants to make money. And possible rule the world with Russia.

  4. Time to stop them playing their usual lying, criminal games. They have broken every rule in every book, including the Rules of War, International Law and driven tanks through the UN Charter. Kick them out, KICK THEM OUT NOW. Given the extent of their criminality in Ukraine they are not fit to participate alongside other members of the Human Race. Ban them from participating in all sporting events.

  5. AMERICA CLAIMS TO BE A SUPER POWER …but how many made in China products inside American homes?? how many made in America products??? NO ONE IS STOPPING YOU FROM WORKING 0.50cents per hour jobs CHINESE WILL LOVE TO HAVE YOUR 5dollar per/hour jobs😘..

  6. Ukraine never surrender,the world standing with you. Remember Winston Churchill we will fight them on land,we will fight them in air,we will fight at Sea,we will fight them to the end. Stand your ground never give up to the tyrant.

  7. Eastern and western European people have replaced their sovereignty with EU Brussel – looks now very similar to communism, a far away EU brussels leaders, which is/has consolidated most national powers to EU-Brussel parliament.

    Its a new form of of Communism with a different face called EU Brussel leadership-parliament ?

    No – European country, people or government can criticize EU mecca – when they are totally ignored or labeled as anti- European or Russian agents..

    EU Brussel and countries are acting more like US vessel states with foreign policies aligned to USA foreign policies. why and how ? because the USA neocons have over many decades completely infused their interests over European politically and industrialist interests.

    EU Brussel will and is slowly sucking the soul of European states into EU Brussel. Is it good for European public in the future ???? ONLY each European country public can decide their own future – till their is no Return to their national sovereignty.

  8. the UN is a joke. Its simply a tool of the usa and west. Who have they helped? Even if you exclude all of the death and destruction caused by the usa in conflicts caused by their work in destabilising regions like in ukraine, nothing compared to the usa in terms of war crimes. What has the UN done about it? After the USA dropped nukes on japan with the intent of killing as many civilians as it could it then proceeded to be the biggest war criminal nation since that time. The usa killed in excess of 20 million in its wars of aggression.This does not include the coups and mass sponsoring of terror groups. See the following:

    Korea and China 1950-53 (Korean War), Guatemala 1954, Indonesia 1958, Cuba 1959-1961, Guatemala 1960, Congo 1964, Laos 1964-73, Vietnam 1961-73, Cambodia 1969-70, Guatemala 1967-69, Grenada 1983, Lebanon 1983, 1984 (both Lebanese and Syrian targets), Libya 1986, El Salvador 1980s, Nicaragua 1980s, Iran 1987, Panama 1989, Iraq 1991 (Persian Gulf War), Kuwait 1991, Somalia 1993, Bosnia 1994, 1995, Sudan 1998, Afghanistan 1998, Yugoslavia 1999, Yemen 2002, Iraq 1991-2003 (US/UK on regular basis), Iraq 2003-2015, Afghanistan 2001-2021, Pakistan 2007-2015, Somalia 2007-8, 2011, Yemen 2009, 2011, Libya 2011, 2015, Syria 2014-2016, Niger 2018-

  9. America invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and killed our brother Gadaffi. Who is America to tell us the evil of Russia? The real enemy of world peace is America itself. Who dropped nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? The evil state of America!!!

  10. It is well known Lavrov is permitted no autonomy or professional judgement. He is a mouth piece of Putin, who is kept on a tight leash. But it sounds like the Russians are warning us they are inching closer to an escalation.

  11. No one buys the bs US Propaganda anymore 😂. We seen what US " Freedom and Democracy " has done to the world. SINCE the creation of the state's it's been at war or organisation of coup's and toppling of rightly elected government 🤔

  12. Russia should have learned from America and only invaded countries where people have brown to black skin, nobody in the world would have cared if a billion were killed, but Russia messed up and attacked a country where the color of the skin is the master race that rules over the darker filth, so Russia had to be confronted

  13. If the UN existed in 1939 would Paul Joseph Goebbels have got to chair it and talk on how unfair it was that Germany was meeting such resistance from western nations due to the slight annexation of its neighbour and attempting to assassinate the odd few successful Jewish leaders, that was required for its national security?

  14. A gender and diversity hire that looks like someones grandma does not inspire confidence especially when she cant take responsibility for anything and is a mouthpiece for the corporations. We need real leaders in america.

  15. What's commercial isn't always successful, holding demeanour in court, can't escape deliberated transparent actions & facts. I planned the bin Laden raid – and see Putin's strobe for what it is, self indulgent exploitation.

  16. The Russian Federation is a terrorist nation and should be expelled immediately from United Nations Security Council. Russia does not share any of the core values of the organization. Kick those assassins out!!! 🇷🇺🤮👎

  17. Ucriania vai fazer operação especial assustadora pior da estória encima da tropa Rússo tá n terretorio da Ucrânia ? Soldado russo não sair da Ucrânia vai morrer tudo ? Primeiro ataque da Ucrânia encima. Da tropa Rússo. 5 mil bombadeio faltar assustadora pior da estória encima da tropa Rússo tá n terretorio da ? Ucriania vai usar. 800 drone joga esprozive também 50 caça joga míssil cruzeiro

  18. The time has come to a point the so called international organizations need to be taken over by the majority of the world populated countries like China, India Brazil and others.
    The colonial remnants should be taken off from deciding what is good for rest of the world.

  19. we are all witnesses to Russian fascism! This is not Putin's war, no, it is Russian war against the world!…as most of them are are so drunk on russian propaganda they are delusional! They really think that their "the greatest motherland" was "attacked by the west" somehow and they are "defending" their own country in another country. That's how brainwashed and stupid they are. We have to pray that those stupid idiots don't start throwing nuclear bombs around and cause the end of this world. Russia is another North Korea – huge amount of delusional Idiots with criminals in charge.

  20. It all started in 2014. The west placed a new leader in Ukraine and nato was there help bombing the Ukrainian protesters in Donbass oblast and continued to the present.
    The west false narrative is very clear.

  21. What a biased video clip. Russian journalists barred from attending so as to minimise fallout from Lavrov’s valid points. Oh, and Paul Wheelan was caught spying. Should he be found guilty, he must get the punishment that he deserves

  22. Why have the quite useless and corrupt organization United Nations, not evicted this pugnacious, arrogant, known representative and supporter of War criminals, They allow him to keep his full status as head of the security council, that in itself is mind-boggling. He just blatantly condemns the United States for Russia's invasion of Ukraine and is allowed to continue in this vein. He should not be allowed in the building, and what has he done to negotiate the release of all foreign journalists urged on by the UN Human Rights Council. The very opposite he has condemned all foreign journalists as criminals. I do not understand United Nations, they cause more global problems than they solve, look at Palestine.

  23. What happened to you Al Jazeera? You've got into bed with the hypocrites and the murderers. Disgraceful piece of propaganda garbage. US ambassador just about made me lose my lunch. Disgusting hypocrisy. Lavrov told the truth.. simple and straight forward.


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