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Lo que revela la “matemática del campo de batalla” sobre las fuerzas rusas en Ucrania

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El soldado ucraniano Roman Trokhymets, que lucha en el frente de la guerra contra Rusia en las afueras de Bakhmut, habla sobre sus experiencias en la guerra. retirado El general Mark Hertling analiza los últimos acontecimientos en la guerra con Erin Burnett de CNN. #CNN #Noticias

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  1. We respect and admire you young man, and a real man you are, fighting for the liberation of your country and people. May you have a long full life in a free and democratic Ukraine. This we pray for you. Good luck and God bless you.

  2. I fear that the great offensive will fail because the west refused the key ingredient, air power, e.i. fighter jets to kill command and control and then their air force and munitions. I cry for Roman. What do I know? I am X-USAF formerly at a fighter base. Hasn't anyone learned from the first Iraqui war? Never under estimate air power.

  3. There is something fundamentally and systematically wrong with society. We are very clearly saying that we cannot make ends meet. Common folk around the planet cannot put food on the table. Either you very privileged globalist upper n middle-class moneyed elites listen. Or you playing a game that is not going to be pretty. You know you lying with your climate change lies and we know you lying.

  4. Going to be a long war, lots of Russian mines and superior Artillery numbers means this up coming Ukrainian offensive is going no where fast. They just wont be able to unleash the amour onto the open fields, stuck to the roads it's going to be a slow dragged out offensive which will not go far..

  5. She asks him if he has any info on the counter-attack. If he knew, he would be wise enough to know not to let on, but what she was hoping to hear.? Does she realize that the FSB and GRU and others in Russia are gleaning the internet full time for any tiny bit of information that they think will help them? 'Loose lips sink ships' has never been truer.

  6. Roman, always remember and feel comfort by the fact that Jesus is with you because you are on the side of good. You obviously represent the doubting Thomas's. That's part of the problem, a lack of faith. Perhaps if you wander around the desert for 40 years, you may discover the truth…

  7. We must continue the pressure against the Moscovit/Petersburg Orthodox Russians, the real and only ones responsible for the massacres. Moscovit/Petersburg Orthodox Russians must be identified in the West and closely monitored.

  8. the sad thing about this is i don't think Russia is going to stop… nor is China… because… both them countries lost more people in the holocaust than everybody else combined X2…. the United States… really and truly is a nation of pigs… if you do comparative analysis….

  9. No disrespect it’s just a respectful compliment but remember when she was in Ukraine and she was wearing her black jeans with tennis shoes with the flap sticking out ? That was a cool look 💯🙏🏽 With respect she wasn’t even wearing any makeup or not fixed up and she look nice, she looked nice different but it was cool. 💯🙏🏽

  10. CNN has a severe math problem.😂😂😂 I know that math is racists according to Biden administration, but it doesn't know that and always punishes CNN ignoramuses. Ukraine already lost most trained and motivated soldiers along with almost all hardware it had before the war plus hundreds of tanks and IFVs it got from Eastern Europe (to understand the scale of losses it had 1 990 tanks, 1 212 IFVs, 1 112 heavy artillery systems, 354 multiple rocket launchers) . Its army is a shadow of its former self at the beginning of the war. WSJ is describing Zelenskyy mobilization in this way: "Mr. Zelensky in January introduced even harsher punishment for desertion and disobedience. A disabled person was drafted in western Ukraine and pronounced fit for service despite having no hands. Another died on the front lines within a month of mobilization after 10 days of training, according to his relatives." Zelenskyy is officially catching and forced conscripting even disabled. When such people are in the trenches, it means that the front can collapse at any moment.

  11. 💔 …sweet, sensitive, mindful, strong, brave young man!! 🥹🥺 A handful of regular visitors (few soldiers, few refugees, likeable senior govt or military person): amazing! Ambassadors, if you will? People the audience can get to know & connect with.. Humanize people. Hear their stories & experiences 1st hand.

    It's critical ppl don't become jaded, don't losing sight of what's going on/why it matters to us all & don't slip into just seeing 'numbers' (casualties, money, refugees, etc). I suspect they'd feel good keeping their mission front & center, as well as feel seen/heard amid all the dehumanizing chaos!

    Thank you, Roman & the countless heroes: for fighting for freedom! Thank you, for sharing an inside view of your hell to help us try to grasp what's going on.. Thank you, also, for reminding us all to look for & soak in the GOOD – no matter how bad things really are!! The weight you all carry & strength in character you maintain is super human! You are seen. You are appreciated. You matter to more ppl than you'll ever know! Stay safe. Stay strong. Good always wins, eventually!! 🇺🇦💛🇺🇸❤

  12. Yay Roman! The star of Jake Broe's Ukraine series as well. I am glad he is okay and I miss the lady known as "Witch!" God protect these beautiful young people fighting the evil destroyers and enslavers.

  13. Instead of fighting a war y can’t this be stopped, Russians they are not going to stop why cant zelinsky stopped begging for more arms n cant talked to Russia directly for a peace n harmony. US is not a friend to any one world knows it, so stop trusting US and Ukraine, please stay with Russia with peace.

  14. Keep safe, Mr. Roman u, forces, and the entire Ukrainians are in our thoughts and prayers. The entire world 🌎 stood up for u all. May God Almighty protect all the Ukrainian troops and civilians. Kudos

  15. This evil satanic devil zelenskis war must be stopped.
    Free humans of this earth is sick and tired of fascist zionist non stop war machine in the world and middle East.
    Enough is enough 😡😡
    UN must arrest devil zekenski NOW

  16. Watched all his videos what a lovely man I've often thought about this man and the way Ukrainians military like this guy come across good men and hold themselves. Then just look at some of the vile videos the Russian gangsters make it's crazy that people looked at Ukrainians in the same light as russians. Ukrainians are totally better people I'm sorry to say this but from what I'm witnessing the video doesn't lie I hope and pay Ukraine wins this war I know there are no winners but for me Russia lost in the first week vile sick military that it's.
    Slava Ukraine

  17. Peace in Ukraine achieved by depriving Ukrainians of the means to defend their country and their families is a graveyard peace that will ultimately end very badly for all of Europe. And peace without a complete victory for Ukraine, its entry into NATO and International tribunal for the russian war criminals is only a short truce.

  18. Quantity…quality…Russians don’t care… they will whip your Western Sodomic ass to the end … they have enough men to march for one goal, that’s what’s socialism ideology does

  19. Been a follower and fan of Roman’s for a long time. His video of him eating and drinking in a quiet cafe in Kyiv, intercut with trench warfare and contrasting the two things was penetrating and unforgettable. Simple messages like that give us the vital EMPATHY we all need. This is YOU. This is YOUR homeland. You know you would fight for every foot of ground. You know you must help Roman and his country. Slava Ukraine. 🇺🇦🇬🇧✌️


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