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‘Lloro en silencio’: un soldado describe el costo de la guerra en Rusia

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Para Valentyn, un soldado ucraniano en la región de Donetsk, el número de muertos en la guerra es más que una estadística. Tiene la tarea de alejar a las tropas heridas y los cadáveres de las líneas del frente, a menudo bajo el fuego ruso.

Lea la historia aquí: https://nyti.ms/41UcRqR
Suscribir: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n
Más del video del New York Times: http://nytimes.com/video
Ya sea informando sobre conflictos en el extranjero y divisiones políticas en casa, o cubriendo las últimas tendencias de estilo y desarrollos científicos, los videoperiodistas del New York Times brindan una visión reveladora e inolvidable del mundo. Son todas las noticias que se pueden ver.

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  1. This is all fault by Mr Putin he has no mercy to the innocent peoples of Ukraine and Russia..he never felt lost member of the family to his war…so very sad what happened to Ukraine peoples and Russians soldiers they fight for nothing they fight for the ambition of their selfish president..

  2. От Галина Ценкова: будь проклят Зеленский и те, кто его поддерживают. Почему Донбасс долбит Украина уже столько лет, а о Косово так позаботились , дав ему независимость? Разве есть такая национальность косовцы? Почему не дали в Новороссии людям самим решать свою жизнь? Почему немцы ,англичане и прочие танками решают за них? Почему, когда Англия решила отделиться , урановыми снарядами не возвращали ее в . Е С? Почему ее не бомбили? То-то и оно..двуличие, а демократия! Для ведущей и солдата мова не родной язык, но их силой вталкивают в украинизацию. Людям на Украине запрещают говорить на родном языке, языке их матерей и отцов, на русском, сея вражду и ненависть к русским с 2013 года.. . А война давно бы прекратилась, если бы НАТО и Израиль не снабжали оружием Украину!

  3. He can thank his clown imposter president aka Zelensky fot this tragedy that has struck ukraine..and this is still only the begging because the Russias will cause more pain and suffering to ukraine and deservingly so(2014 violent overthrow of democratically elected president Yanukovich)

  4. It's 2023, world war 2 was 80 years ago and yet europeans are killing other europeans again…and surprise surprise who is giving out the orders 🙄

    Does anyone know Zelenskyys background?

  5. Tomorrow is my first MUN (UNGA-DISEC) and I'm representing Ukraine… These videos not only make you emotional but also teach the non existent difference between life and death… Now you're alive the next moment you're not…

  6. His face reminds me of my own grandfather's reaction when I once asked him to tell me about his experiences in WW2. He refused and I never asked again.
    This hero is profoundly traumatized, but he's still out there doing his duty. I can't express in words the respect I feel for people like him, although it is equally heart breaking to see.

  7. The president of each country including the USA president should go to the front lines and fight each other. And let them revolved there own problems by them self instead of sending man to die.

  8. Imagine if America lost a part of its territory, say Alaska or Hawaii, found corruption of that former territory, then decided to bring its Army in. What you see is the fight for pride by Russia, but against its own former shared people. Would America sink everything it had if another couple superpowers, the world of consesus would back that former territory that had the will to fight on, without any guarantee to a change of that governments order by any other superpowers?

  9. The only way Russia would truly back out, is if its former territory's government would be removed and reinstalled anew. Now its just a waste of resources toward a zero sum game of larger war because Russia will refuse to be insulted and views any loss as defeat of its nation.

  10. As a polish person, my heart as my eyes cry for my ukrainian brothers, may peace be with you, im proud of the millions of refugees we were able to help and integrate in our culture for the time being.. i hope to speak for most polish people by saying this: we welcome you and i hope we can support civilians as much as we can. I dont care about the geopolitical aspect nor about power or money; i care about the people that have nothing to do with that

  11. This war is brain child of USA and its defence industry. Firstly you topple a government then you go for ethnicity suppression measures then you install your long range missiles against Russia which was pleading for neutrality and now you are showing the tearful eyes of soldiers.

    What about Zelensky admitting that Nazi culture is a reality here??

    Why is your media quiet about that?? Why didn't you show how cold hearted a person can be while saying that?? And he is your supposed hero!!

    What a world of hypocrisy

  12. “I don’t even know what this war is for.” Exactly. This is why governments across the world need to be dissolved. The Bible says when Jesus returns the government will be upon his shoulders. As an older man, now I believe that’s one of the most revealing passages in the Bible. It transcends time.

  13. I support Ukrainian to win, but the toll that these poor souls are paying is colossal. Every day I watch another horrific video from the frontlines. Even I, (a total stranger and nobody) am having nightmares from the videos I have seen. I wish for a ceasefire or open negotiations for all parties involved. Western powers should make more efforts for it…

  14. The damned Anglo-Saxon elite incites peoples all over the world. And the war will come to you soon, NOT dear Americans. You will know all the pain of this person about whom you say so many words.

  15. The reporter was asking a lot of questions, you just do not ask. As someone who has seen combat in afgahistan. You can tell he is a hat drop away from tears and is emotionally/physically sapped of everything. Don't ever do this again.

  16. If he join army he is volunteering and that mean he agree with Putin and his propaganda or at least he was 7 months ago also he was ok with invading Ukraine bomb they cities now he crying because young boys die ? What about young civilians and kids in Ukraine cities ?

  17. Fuhrer Zelensky said that Ukraine will fight to the last Ukrainian. He was told by the United States and the Ukrainian military to withdraw troops from Bakhmut back in early March, and he is still sending Ukrainian citizens to the meat grinder – to Bakhmut. He doesn't feel sorry for ordinary people at all. And he does not agree to an agreement. This is the cannibal of Ukraine. Blood money. For 8 years, Russia has been calling on Ukraine to stop the genocide of the Russian population in eastern Ukraine, but they did not do it, violated the Minsk Agreements many times, and now the country is involved in a war because the corrupt government and the president of Ukraine have sold out to the United States and Europe.

  18. Well that hit me right in the feels 😢 I've been in a war zone and have felt the same thing this man has, it's a hard hard thing to go through and keep on going, you're watching young boys die all the time, and you can't unsee it. I pray this soldier finds some peace and solace God bless Him 🙏🙏🙏

  19. I don't understand why Ukraine is trying to keep occupying the Donbas even with so many deaths. Your economy is in the toilet, the people of the Donbass hate you, Russia will never give up. Its one thing to defend Ukrainian land in those conditions. But to suffer so much to hold a piece of land where the people don't even speak your language? Why? Just go back to Ukraine. Stop the bloodshed.

  20. What a heartless interview. Can't you imagine what the person might feel? Do you really need to dig into his fresh wounds, knowing that in any moment he must go back to the frontline and be in the best moral he can in order to be safe? That's a shame, how somebodies trauma is used for other's entertainment. That's a shame, that it needs to be done for people to support soldiers…

  21. Biden you criminal. View and weep. West is finished. REALLY. USA just a bully knowing it’s going down,down,down. A view from a disabled US veteran, father a WW2 combat Avenger pilot, uncle WW2, Korea combat Sargent E8! Grandfather WW1 vetanarian. My blood line fought War between the states, Revolutionary War, and Robert Cushman landed at Plymouth Rock 1620-21. My 14 generation grandfather. Repent America.

  22. This guy on the brink of crying made me cry…. mad respect for all those people defending their home. Especially for the one like him who should be living a peaceful civilan life… imagine being a plumber a few days you becomea soldier all of a sudden….

  23. It´s even harder when fighting a war you don´t truly understand, WWII had very little left to interpretation and the allied soldiers knew exactly what they were fighting for. Many Russian soldiers seem to be disheartened by the fact that they are fighting for a "grey truth" in their eyes. They have been told Ukrainians are nazis and that the land is Russian, I think many of the Russian soldiers have met a different truth and now they are trying to cope, Putin is sending them to the slaughterhouse and that of course means tragedy for the individual.

  24. we will never forget this war, we will never forget who started it and who supported it, every criminal will be punished, and Ukrainian soldiers will forever remain heroes. we are grateful to everyone who supports us, Glory to Ukraine, my beloved homeland, Slava Ukraini❤

  25. This short video sums up the 14 months of the war in Ukraine,probably one of the most poignant interviews I’ve ever seen and it should be preserved for future generations to see,this man and tens of thousands of his fellow countrymen did not ask for this war but they’re paying the price for it,May they find peace soon.

  26. There is one haunted man. He has the same expression that Americans in Vietnam called "the thousand-yard stare." It means he's all used up emotionally. It's what war does to people. Hopefully this war ends soon and there can be healing.

  27. 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    ❤️glory to Ukraine, glory to all heroes❤️🙏🏽.


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