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La avalancha rusa de armas occidentales obliga a Ucrania a abogar por las armas | ‘Necesito 10 veces más’

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Rusia lanzó bombas en el frente de Ucrania después de que la OTAN incitara a Moscú con afirmaciones sobre la posible entrada de Kiev. La destrucción de los principales depósitos de armas y armas por parte de Rusia ha obligado a Ucrania a pedir armas ante las potencias occidentales una vez más. Kiev necesita diez veces más armas, dijo el viceministro de Relaciones Exteriores de Ucrania, Andrey Melnik. La apelación surge cuando Rusia continúa quemando armas occidentales en el campo de batalla. Mire este informe para obtener información completa.

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  1. Keep this conflict going and Russia becomes battle hardened, its economy transitions fully to a war economy, western arms stockpiles gets exhausted, Europe becomes war weary AND THEN china moves on Taiwan because there will be ZERO APPETITE to deter china….

  2. Aiyo, this fool should stop and be imprisoned for wasting country's resources which could have been used for development and prosperity. The people of Ukraine are so blind that they do not see the future for their children being wiped out. That is what Russia is doing. Wiping their existence. They should check and see how much this crook has siphoned out into his own pocket.

  3. More misinformation from this pro Russian outlet and its Russian bots. NATO is not fighting a war against Russia, Ukraine is. The world can see what the proprieters of this anti western media outlet don't want to admit, that Russia realises it cannot win this war. Russian war crimes grow by the day, including the murder of children and decapitation of prisoners. Ukraine will have its day in the Hague prosecuting those who have commited war crimes relating to genocide. Long live democracy and freedom against dictators and oppression. Slava Ukraine.

  4. Oh, what a pity. Zelesky used to order countries – 'GIVE ME MONEY, GIVE ME WEAPONS OR ELSE' and the Western countries obeyed. Zelesky even bullied third world countries to give him money and weapons. Now he is begging? Oh, so sad to hear that. This big bully who just destroyed Ukraine playing NATO's agent is now begging? I like to see him begging in the streets of Germany and UK.

  5. The war hasn't even started yet. When Russia decides the time is right to start war, that war won't last long. Zelensky is at a crossroads. If he continues with the fight, he runs the risk of being accused of having destroyed his own country in the future. If he gives up the fight, he will be massacred by the behind-the-scenes action of the Americans and the British. Zelensky's biggest mistake was trying to play chess with the Russian masters. Russians are resilient and have time on their side.

  6. I can still remember, a bot over a year ago, when Zelensky said that he asked just fir a 5% of the total military budget of the NATO countries to defeat Russia.

    Right now, military aid to Ukraine have probably reached a 120%, and he keeps asking for more and more. It's ridiculous.

  7. Perhaps Zelensky should dip into his own pocket!! He's become a multi-millionaire since Russia invaded 🇷🇺🎗Get a grip Ukraine, and force him out! The war will soon end if he departs! 🇷🇺

  8. Good morning to allllll Russian troop's Heroes 🇲🇽🐓🇲🇽🐓🇲🇽🐓🐓🇲🇽🐓🇲🇽🐓🇲🇽🐓🇲🇽🐓🇲🇽🐓🇲🇽🐓💤💯💤💯💤💤💯💤💤💯💤💯💤🇧🇷🇷🇺🇧🇷🇷🇺🇧🇷🇧🇷🇷🇺🇧🇷🇷🇺🇧🇷🇷🇺🇧🇷💯🚀💯🚀💯🚀💯🚀💯🚀💯🚀💯🚀💯👍👍👍👍👍no surrender no retreat for mother Russia and Vladimir Putin Z is the huckleberry Russian hello from Mexico to all Russian troop's Heroes

  9. Russia has won so many times according to HT. My, they’re practically on the Polish border by now. Instead of… 25km away from 2014 front lines, 14 months later. LOL.

  10. The Western Nations have Won No Wars & Zelensky thinks that they don't need their Weapons anymore so keep up the Begging Bowl Act. Great Job Zelensky for Bankrupting the Western Alliances of its Armory.

  11. Zelinsky thinks that the West has unlimited resources !Their weapon stocks are depleted thanks to Ukraine greed for weapons !The Wiest has to be ready to defend themselves at any time and cannot empty their weapon stocks because Ukraine’s massive consumption of weapons and other military hardware.

  12. Crazy mess of warfare think about it it's crazy that's my opinion there's no reality in that war between Russia and Ukraine they don't realize they are getting put back decades backwards infrastructure etc it's crazy


  14. On second thought, contrary to what I've been thinking about Zelensky, I think he is a good man.
    He came up with a good plan of destroying the Western weapons.
    He just keeps on asking for more, only to surrender them to the Russians to destroy. Ultimately, when all Western weapons are done, eternal peace will prevail.😂😂😂

  15. You people are so f#€King dumb. For 9 months, ruZZia lost Kharkiv region, and north Kherson, the only regional capitol she got during this war frontlines barely movement and only ruZZian "victory" was capturing tiny city of Soledar, and you are still trying to sell ruSSist bs to people. Either you are unbelievably naive ot you take your audience to be as brainwashed as ruZZian retairee. One can't help but wonder how you will sell the ultimate and inevitable ruSSist defeat when ground finally will dry out

  16. So the west has failed to supply President Zelensky with the weapons he was promised.
    Effectively he and his people have been left to die?
    Will they end up fighting Russia with sticks?
    After the casualties experienced by both sides the prospect of ending this war don't exist on principle.
    There doesn't seem to be any mechanism to resolve a conflict involving the continuing loss of life.
    Looks like the participants in the conflicts around the world are simply left to fight eachother until an outcome is created the hard way and no-one involved could possibly back down.
    Looks like the victims of war cannot be saved.
    There is no way out , they're all damned.


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