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Gravedad | Guerra de Ucrania, Rusia: La próxima gran ofensiva. Aquí está quién se beneficia de la guerra

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¿Quién lanzará la próxima gran ofensiva en Ucrania? ¿Será Rusia o el ejército ucraniano? Los informes dicen que la ofensiva de primavera de Ucrania se está retrasando debido a la falta de armas. Mientras tanto, se corre la voz sobre una posible ofensiva rusa de primavera. Molly Gambhir te lo cuenta.

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  1. Is nato Secretary is the grand son of Hitler the destroyer ? You can tell from his face he is a warmonger and a messenger of death. I wonder how did these people sleep peacefully among their families with their in blood and dirty politics in head .

  2. Ukraine openly says they can't fight unless they are given weapons. so if the west stops giving weapons then what will Ukraine do? eventually the west will stop. even if it takes years. so Ukraine can't win this war. it's actually impressive that Russia has done this well against the entire West

  3. I miss Paka Sharma,
    I understand she became the chief editor..
    You doing nice job,
    We realize WION is a bit left-leaning, if compared to United States media..
    But your producer was wrong, I'm going to say it again earlier When you mention that half of Americans would agree and basically cheer for the 83 year-old man that shot innocent black kid..
    We have now reached about 300,000 unsolved murders in the United States.
    Well over two-thirds of those are black on black murders..
    We won't even investigate, well-known they're just drug-related neighborhood gangs.
    You point out this one incident of the old white man afraid of the black teenager, I'll look it up but he probably lives in a neighborhood that was once all white,
    And has been gentrified..
    Which is no excuse,
    83 years old do you not consider perhaps dementia, like President Biden..
    Hundreds of blacks in Chicago this week teenagers rioting.
    A young white girl, with her black friend.
    They were simply trying to get home, walking through the crowd no choice.
    The crowd of black teenagers, attacked her, through her black friend to the ground and beat him because he was with a White
    Fortunately because the police watching it happen kept driving by, a stranger woman snatch them and put them in her car drove them to the hospital.
    Beating, for being White, black kid beating for having White friend.
    That's the norm, not the 83 year-old white.
    I'm very surprised you were that bias with the story, after showing the black man that shot a six-year-old girl for a basketball that went into his yard.
    But that was a black girl and father he shot.

  4. THe ground is still mud. But the pentagon leaks says as plain as it can, there will be no Ukraine offensive. Ukraine has sent 80,000 into Bakhmut. Bakhmut will be over in a few days. Russia has to wait till the mud dries. But Russia needs to take the rest of the the two eastern Oblasts. Then it will be willing to negotiate on its terms. Other Youtube channels have reported that Russia has adapted to fighitng this war. They are able to identify air defense radars and counter battery radars and destroy them. They are able to jam GPS on both Ukrainian drones and HiMars rockets. And they have cut off US recon flights in the Black Sea taking away the huge intel advantage the US has over Russia. They may be blinding US recon satellites with lasers. There is very little hand to hand combat, most casualties are from artillary or armed drones. Russian drones spot a concentration of Ukrainian troops, artillary rains down. Russia is fighting to minimize its casualties. Ukrainina casualties by some report are 6~8X times higher than Russian ones.


  6. Reliance on others. We all know chance of success is dim.

    Reliant on others. If good outcome. Everybody are there. But if things are getting wrong/ worsening. Everybody are not at fault. Only the main doers has to do alone. SOS

  7. Thanks for sharing! Ukraine has the support from the worlds largest economies and 140+ countries in the UN vote. Russia on the other hand has bought loyalty from 7 dictatorships. The battle of good vs evil is pretty clear.

  8. Err, shouldn't counter offensive be classified information? Ukraine act gentlemanly, telling the other side to prepare, just like the counter offensive Ukraine did before, and eventually, Ukraine had to do a “tactical withdrawal "

  9. Conquering "Street after Street" is laughable. Russia is measuring their victories in meters. When the Ukrainian offensives have been measured it in kilometers. Ukraine is not going to attack until everything is in place. It is not just NATO countries there are 50 countries including NATO countries that are supporting Ukraine. You must be thinking of the old Soviet Union which was a powerhouse. Russia is not a powerhouse. Yes they have many weapons but they're operated by drunken soldiers and conscripts that have had literally days of training. The Ukrainians have sent their troops to England or other countries to be trained efficiently on the tanks and the weapons that they will be getting. Yes Russia does have more men on the front line than Ukraine. In fact it's approximately 140,000 troops. But that is spread out over a 1,000 mile front. Do the math. Ukraine is attacking with 60,000 men in maybe a 20 mi front assault. There is no way with that kind of concentration that Russia will be able to stop them. The very fact that Russia is pulling T55 Tanks out of warehouses should tell you the exact condition of the Russian army. They can't get help from China because China cannot risk the crippling sanctions that Russia has received, they can only get help from a weak North Korea giving them old inaccurate mortar rounds. Spastic Iran is helping with drones that are powered by lawn mower engines and are easy to shoot down. Loud and slow. Ukraine now has 150 mile rockets, 40 mile glide booms, millions of artillery rounds, main battle tanks from many countries, 20-30 donated Mig29's, and a fighting force fighting for their country not a bunch of conscripts that have no idea why Russia invaded Ukraine. Remember that Ukraine used to be a part of the Soviet Union and has the Soviet Unions or now Russia's doctrine of war playbook. Superior equipment, superior motivation and you have the Russian playbook. Who do you think is going to win this.

  10. With all the boring days, this Ukrainian confusion has become more of a movie to watch when feeling bored. they will be deep down the drain before understanding that zelinsky is destroying their country with the help of the West

  11. Ukrainian solders in southern Ukraine along the Kherson front are surrendering and switching sides. That is they are asking to fight for Russia against Zelenskiy's regime. Yesterday, 22/4/23 Ukrainian forces in Chasiv Yar went on strike and refused orders to go to Bakhmut. They argue they are being sent to their deaths so the Zelenskiy regime don't have to pay them. Also new law in Ukraine, no one is allowed to criticise Zelenskiy or his regime, it is now a criminal offence to say anything negative about Zelenskiy. The upcoming presidential election is being subverted already as Zelenskiy wants to hang on to power by all means.

  12. The offensive against Putin by Ukraine is ongoing. But now the offensive against Putin has been enlarged to most of Europe and the U.S. There is no peace deal without Putin’s removal. Putin has revealed his brutal depraved murdering spree in Ukraine and will be held accountable no matter what he does.

  13. EU will stop the supply and ditch Ukraine. There will be no chance to recover the lost money spent and europe needs cheap energy, Ukraine is bankrupt, probably mortgaged up the hilt and most probably will be left neutral never to be part of NATO. Neutral bumper zone untill Russia and EU become very friendly in future

  14. To Jens Stoltenberg, you are farting against thunder all your warmongering will make matters worse for Ukraine and realistically Zelenski is dragging Europe down into total financial ruin. How can supposingly wise people like Jens and Biden keep on supporting Ukraine when the inevetable destruction of Ukraine is happening daily?It is obvious that the warmongers are not ready to end the war. Zelenski is a worried man. His own people will turn against him!

  15. Zelensky want to get Security Guarantees from NATO and he is selling Ukraine's oil assets to USA companies to get it. He has accumulated billions of USD for himself, now he wants a safe way out for himself to enjoy his wealth. He is now willing to give up to half of Ukraine away to US to get the Security Guarantees from NATO. NATO wants Ukraine for USA to place tactical nukes aimed at Russia.
    They will agree not to put nukes now, but as usual USA does all kinds of undercover atrocities like bio labs, nuclear silos etc using 3rd party contractors. USA will then claim they don't know.

  16. This NATO man is funny,he became confused when he said,"…that Ukraine prevail". The plan B is what they all wanted in the beginning, everyone. I said Zelenzky is a novice at the beginning of the offensive,now,he knows what it's all about. I wish him good luck. Odessa would not be taken by Russia,but a New Switzerland for the elites, going to be the most expensive and protected sovereignty in Europe,if not the world.
    There will still be skirmish here and there,but the war has ended,and the big guys have told everyone that it has ended by the leakage of the funny offensive plan,there are more important things on the table than Zelenzky asking for toilet paper,doors closed.

  17. Ukraine could not start this war in 2014. But if Ukraine started this war, then it had the opportunity to end the war in 2015 in accordance with the Minsk agreements. Let me remind you that after the start of the war, the Lugansk and Donetsk regions declared their independence from Ukraine and formed the Luhansk People's Republic and the Donetsk People's Republic. One of the points of these agreements was the return of these republics to Ukraine as autonomous regions. The Ukrainian government refused to grant these republics the status of autonomies. That is, Ukraine signed the agreement but did not comply. Zelensky in the pre-election debate for the presidency of Ukraine promised to end the war in the Donbass, and the people of Ukraine elected Zelensky as president. Instead of ending the war, Zalensky asks NATO countries for more and more weapons and plans a new offensive. I don’t know when and where this offensive will take place, I also don’t know in what directions Ukraine will attack the former Ukrainian territories, but I am grateful to Zelensky because it allows Russia to continue the destruction of the Ukrainian Nazis.
    By the way, the Russian Federation is an association of 89 subjects of the Federation. It includes: 24 republics, 9 territories, 1 autonomous region, 4 autonomous districts, 48 regions and 3 federal cities.

  18. As of today April 24. 2023 RUSSIA lost almost 200.000 soldiers and 500. 000 wounded, ( Yesterday in one day Russia lost 1.200 soldiers.),also lost 8200 armored vehicles, 3804 tanks, 3160 arthilery systems, 310 aircrafts, 298 helicopters with 1235 elite pilots lost or captured, 21 ships destroyed with 3250 elite marines lost including Russias main nuclear battle ship Mokva sunk on the bottom of the Black sea. Putin is destroying Russia exactly the same way Hitler destroyed Germany. It was tragic-commic scene to see Russian 70 years old tanks joining the war because 90 % of Russias new tanks are destroyed in beautiful Ukrainian fields and meadows. Next year Russia will collapse from war and sanctions and 35 new free countries will emerge. Putin will be publicly hanged in the Red Square from Russian people. Glory to Ukraine. Slava to Ukrainian people and brave Ukrainian Kozaks who are showing the world how you fight for freedom and to protect your homeland from barbarian invasion. Ukrainian spring offensive which will began in few days or weekswith modern western weapons will defeat Russia badly and give them last lethal punch.. Afganistan 2 in much worse version.

  19. Ukraine will launch but not until tanks don’t sink in the mud. Russia will lose a bunch more equipment and men. Russia should never have started this war. It’s obvious Russia has diminished their standing in the world, their economy and the trust amongst its own people. An historic mistake! This lady seems angry – always.

  20. All fronts of the conflict have seen escalation, with Russia perpetrating systematic destruction of cities. The entire southeastern region of Ukraine has become a wasteland, with millions of citizens affected, and regions such as Soledar, Bakhmut, and Ugledar remain in constant fear.

  21. Okay, all Ukraine needs to win is more ammo and modern weapons. That's it. They are well-trained, they are very motivated and they know how to fight effectively. This is precisely why our politicians should stop hesitating and send everything Ukraine needs to them. Only by working together we will be able to repel these russian attacks and ultimately win the war.

  22. the army of the Ukrainians in a year of war and practice has learned to fight on modern methods of combat, while Russia operates large groups of troops, thanks to the support of Nato and modern equipment, Ukraine can inflict a crushing blow without requiring many reserves, but Ukraine needs more weapons for the spring offensive, and we need to help them with that

  23. In a nutshell. When a country targets and kills innocent civilians with rockets and missiles like Russia is doing in Ukraine. Should Ukraine lose the war and Russia decides that it wants more territory than just Ukraine. Then other European countries should expect the same kind of treatment from Russia with their own civilian population. No doubt other European countries and members of Nato are aware of this fact too. And will do everything they can to support Ukraine. And for their own survival not just Ukraine.


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