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El problema de India con Rusia es peor de lo que piensas

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La asociación geopolítica histórica de India con Rusia ahora se está probando. Hoy, India es el comprador más grande del mundo de hardware militar ruso y representa el 20% de los pedidos de Moscú. India se ha convertido en el tercer mayor comprador de petróleo ruso con $ 24 mil millones de dólares anuales. Pero la realidad de por qué India siente que necesita trabajar con Rusia es mucho más complicada de lo que podría imaginar y todo tiene que ver con sus intentos de construir una economía y un ejército lo suficientemente poderosos para contrarrestar lo que creen que es su mayor amenaza. Su vecina China.

Vídeo editado por: Michael Michaelides
Escrito por: Chris Cappy y Thomas Priddle

Para comprender la complicada relación de la India con Rusia, debemos reconocer que esto no es nada nuevo. India ha mantenido lazos políticos, económicos y estratégicos con Moscú desde la Guerra Fría, algo que preocupa a Washington. De hecho, Estados Unidos está preparando un paquete de ayuda militar para India por valor de 500 millones de dólares. Si este acuerdo se lleva a cabo, la India se convertiría en uno de los mayores receptores de ayuda militar estadounidense, solo por detrás de Israel y Egipto. Esto está diseñado, por supuesto, para frenar la larga dependencia histórica de la India en el equipo militar ruso y soviético. Porque aunque la India tiene estrechos vínculos con Rusia, también se la considera un fuerte aliado de los Estados Unidos. Y esto es clave para entender la estrategia de la India. Por supuesto, Moscú obviamente está molesto por la estrecha relación de la India con los Estados Unidos. Aparentemente, se considera controlador decirles a tus amigos con quiénes pueden y no pueden ser amigos.

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  1. As an Indian this guy has got it COMPLETELY wrong! He completely omitted that the US has always supported our enemy in the name of Pakistan, while Russia has helped us! Also the people laughing at Segiey lavrov were NOT Indian military personnel but western journalists who were present. Also go to india and ask any Indian who would they side with? Russia all the way. The USA is untrustworthy

  2. India like many global south countries have no problems with Russia. US pushed India into the hands of Russia/ USSR after supplying weapons to India’s enemies Pakistan and later using Pakistan to open up China which caused China to grow causing today’s problems.

  3. They shouldn't buy oil from Russia, cause global warning. It's so much better for millions to starve than to buy oil. Just because there is no evidence that the current low levels of CO2 is any danger we should let people to starve because of liberal fantasy.

  4. Bro, how could you not read the road signs which are so clearly posted? India not only stopped buying oil but it started buying all it could get, it doesn’t care with the US thinks it doesn’t care about the war in Ukraine it cares about India that’s normal.
    And it’s not just India the Middle East doesn’t care about the war in Ukraine, Africa doesn’t care about the war in Ukraine, South America doesn’t care about the war in Ukraine. I suspect most of them thought the Americans instigated this war and they don’t feel obligated to get involved in it.

  5. People have no idea why so many Indian tech workers were in EVERY American company for so many years; Think about it, they come over here, use our software tools etc. It's pretty obvious but nobody and I mean nobody sees the big picture. I was a foreign relations deal and helped get them hooked on our software tools.

  6. Currently india cannot condemn outrightly russia on its invasion on ukraine as it depends heavily on russian weapns and Veto power.

    India needs russia to counter pakistan and USA to counter china.

    Its a complicated situation for india

  7. Well, it has a very simple reason: There are two major arms dealer in the world that would gladly accommodate corrupt politician's kick-back needs. That is Russia and China.
    Since India can't buy from China, that leaves Russia as their sole supplier to milk the Indian general population of their hard-earned money together 😂

  8. India has trust issues with aligning completely with the US for the following reasons:
    1) US treats allies as clients rather than friends
    2) conditions and terms Imposed with US defense deals
    3) US interference in the autonomy
    4) US multinationals bullying small & indigenous industries if unchecked
    5) US views the world in black and white which is wrong
    6) no long-term goals or vision to share prosperity in trade and technology

  9. As an Australian Military veteran, I'm keen to see greater co-operation between India and the US, Australia, Japan and other western aligned countries, but I see their reasons for wanting to walk the line of isolation.
    Also the little 'love triangle' photo op at 17:25 with Modi, Putin and Xi you see the common Paddington bear image of Xi showing boredom or disdain at needing to pose with other world leaders.

  10. India didnt have a choice, India wanted friendship with the west, India approached the west for aids and weapons but they denied, the west has always preferred pakistan, a military dictatorship, over democratic India.. And who can forget the 70s when West tried to invade India because India was trying to stop mass murder and rape of millions of Bangladeshi people by the pakistani military, thanks to the USSR who saved us.. There was even an article posted by New york times that US was considering nuking India.. If we look at history, geopolitics of today becomes crystal clear..
    Moreover India has such wonderful neighbours, how can we not stay neutral? 😅

  11. There is no such thing as being neutral between a murderer and their victim. "Neutrality" in such a case is simply siding with the murderer.

    The key part of what's going on is that China is encouraging Russia to pursue a war it cannot win, in an effort to turn Russia into a pariah state on the model of North Korea: completely dependent on China. But that doesn't work, if India keeps doing business with Russia. To a country thoroughly immersed in zero-sum thinking (which is all of us, not just India), condoning mass murder, and contributing to the inevitable unchecked proliferation that's going to kill every person in the world once every country gets the message that nuclear weapons confer impunity to aggressor states and are necessary for the survival of those countries' neighbors, is a small price to pay for slightly hindering one of the plans of one's arch-enemy

  12. The whole game of this analysis is saying "India is a prostitute"
    Seriously, covered the historical events only to supplement the stand to manipulate India into declaring its favour on one side or the other.
    India infact owe Russia for the 1971 War rescue and what else. This is the list India can do by not cutting off its trade with Russia. The world should for real stop interfering with India's internal affairs of its external policy and instead respect and learn from India's foreign policy or there's nothing wrong with India involving in war directly. INDIA is a matured nation not a mere puppy to be dragged into the manipulated strategy of the counterfeit policy.

  13. Indian public is always relying on emotions, traditions and drama but in reality the economists, strategists and businesses requires that India aligns with every world power to assert its own power as its location is somewhat right in the middle. You feed India with history and religion, thats how politicians win votes and suppress protests. There are many Indians who realize this but are suppressed by this general mindset.

  14. Retired infantryman talking about geopolitics with too much information is very weird

    Military intelligence,cia Pentagon,fbi or someone from government providing information to this guy😂

    He should work on woke us army rather than world 😂

  15. Interesting how he avoided mentioning the USA's role ti push India towards Russia. Since independence of India, USA always supported military dictatorship Pakistan against democratic India. USA sanctioned India for years. Still today it's tryingt o di regime change operation in India.

    Westerners don't realise how much Indians hate them

  16. The problem with Balancing between super powers is that it doesn't last forever. Neutrality is only an excuse at the end of the day to gain benefits of both sides without fully angering one side or the other. But as you can tell, that is very quickly beginning to be hard to maintain as Russia is massacreing thousands of people a day and invading another nation. (Massacre of both their own people and Ukrainian) trying to stay on the supportive side of such belligerence, begins to draw extreme anger from the other half of the world the longer this goes on.

    But also considering how terrible the russian systems are seeming to be, it wouldn't be surprised if India investigates these systems and finds out they are all as terrible as they are seen to be in Ukraine. Which in turn could be seen as attempted subterfuge and sabatoge of the Indian military, ending these deals that have been going on for ages almost overnight. Such as the tanks having fake armor plating and such. As I am certain India see's the current disasters of russian military and its equipment and is likely nervous of what its gotten itself into to keep going with its support regardless of how much it hurts itself to keep itself neutral.

  17. All in all Russia needs to be strong enough to make independent policy and India is helping Russia for that. A weak Russia means a China dependent Russia. A strong Russia is less of a problem than a strong China for the world.

  18. This seems a little naive. China knows better than to try for India.

    Both countries have been living next to each other fairly non violently and trading with each other for many thousands of years.

    US's history is but a tiny fraction of both countries history.

    They both would have litterally thousands of years of data to deal with each other harmoniously.

    What does US got on thousands of years of relationships?

    Quite the contrary US are all cousins and kins of the British and the brits had many rough landings with India.

    So just judging from history its clear who's gonna have better relationship with India.

    Even just philosophy wise US is litterally the opposite of india and china.

    Both of the asian counties values meritocracy and family structure.

    While US values gangster values and big booties… its kinda obvious culturally and philosophically speaking whom india would agree more with…

    On top of that they're already 'trade allies' together as BRICS.

  19. There is an unreasonable expectation in the US that countries pick a side. As if it is a football game. India is too big to be coerced to pick sides. India serves India not the US or Russia. As many commentators on here have said India resents the US historic ties with Pakistan and distrusts US foreign policy. US is still playing block power chess but it’s outmoded. Both China and India say no to US hegemony.

  20. How did u miss the part that U.S.A never was willing to sell any good weapons until receantly

    How did u forget to mention U.S.A supported Pakistan over India in Kargil war and only Russia were our allies

    The sovients literally helped us indians for the development of our country during earlier times

    We do not side with U.S.A and we do not side with Russia . We dont want or have that kind of previlage we just want to improve our economic conditions

    In case of world war 3 we wish to not align with any countries at war and we along with a few other nations will remain neutral

  21. 4:50 "India's stance on the Ukraine war makes little sense" to you. Never mind, you are not the ruler of India.
    India's Problem with Russia (is it Worse for America?): In fact there is no problem as you wish to think.

    One thing with guys like you is, you approach India as "either you are with us or not with us", just as the dullest US State Secretary (John Foster Dulles) stated at the beginning of the Cold War.
    You go your way, but allow us to go our way.

  22. India needs foreign oil and it can't really produce it's own weapons because of corruption. It can throw endless amount of troops at a problem (Kashmir). It's key resource is time and land.. Currently it is waiting for Pakistan which has been the main istorical threat to it.

  23. India would be like the US in WW2 waiting till they had to make a move to get involved. Although they have ties with Russia they hate China so much they would not side with them unless necessary.

  24. One of the most important aspects that you didn't touch is Pakistan. If India doesn't align with the Russia,it will not only enhance chances of Russia to come more closer to China but also provide Russia to tilt towards Pakistan which is already very keen to form Block of Russia-China-Iran-Pakistan,thus seeking assistance to grab Kashmir from India. Although it is entirely unrealistic approach of Pakistan that it could grab Kashmir yet create incendiary pricking pain for India. Pakistan won't renunciate it's animosity towards India.m

  25. Add to this that the west is looking increasingly ridiculous and hypocritical regarding energy policy, economics and social values. Global warming hysteria, bank bailouts and the dismantling of the family unit are just a few issues where India is finding the west on the wrong track.

  26. 00:28 cappy , what do you mean "…they believe? " fact is fact if you don't know anything about ground reality about my country then stop commenting about our national security . Your so called " the country 's" border don't drawn by any third party country. That's why you don't understand what kind of pain you feel when you see the foreign youtuber using wrong map of your country . 😡 Don't be a woke

  27. Russia – any major conflict Between India , China , Russia will definitely side with China?

    Russia depends on trade , business , oil , gas purchase,space exploration,by pass sanctions ,do illegal cross😮 btouj with China

  28. Everyone here who is commenting on the difference between India and Pakistan conveniently forgets the countless pogroms, riots, and religious persecution in India. It's not a real democracy as the government will shut down anyone who is even mildly perceived as "ant-national."

  29. Even though Russia and China are, on the surface at least, the bestest of best of buddies, in reality they are nothing of the sort. Beijing is rapidly taking over the shrinking Russia because anything that Xi Jinping does for Mr Burns comes at a price and that price is extremely high.
    I'm pretty sure that the Kremlin doesn't want to do this but they have no choice…… and Beijing knows it.

  30. America intervened in the 1971 on behalf of Pakistan, in support of the genocide of Bangladeshis with Hindus being the primary victims. Over 2 million Bangladeshis were killed. This is a key event you missed mentioning that affects Indian perception of America. The US sent the 7th fleet into the Bay of Bengal, which turned back due to Soviet nuclear submarine presence.

  31. It always interested me that many of the so called "non-aligned" nations used Soviet weapons. India and Egypt are two prime examples. The Russian KGB often used sympathetic newspapers in India to source stories that were disinformazia. The only reason India is cosying up to America is that we are the only former super power that will oppose China. Transactional politics is the heart of their country's foreign policy. Standing up for democratic values is way far down the list, if it is even a consideration at all.

  32. India is a good strategic buffer that should be encouraged to good relations with many countries. At the end of the day they will support the west against CHN/RUS when push comes to shove. Like Israel (or even Turkey), they support the west but maintain cordial relations with RUS, that's fine.

  33. You are wrong. India is no different from Russia and China. America is repeating he mistakes of funding China against USSR. India is becoming more authoritarian and fascist everyday. They want to challenge America’s world order. India is not a friend but a competitor. And as history repeats itself, India might become bigger enemy than China just like how China is more evil than USSR. Mark my words. Do your research. India is not a democracy.

  34. Indian like Russian also love to support authoritarian regimes like Junta in Myanmar. Indians are currently helping the junta genociding their own population. I used to look up to india like a beacon of democracy but not anymore.


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