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El contraataque ucraniano tiene que atravesar 3 líneas | El potencial de cruce de Dnipro | Actualización de Ucrania

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  1. War sounds like it s banking system game afford what can be afford to contribute to the effort of front line let's make it a cheap everyone let play RTS game red alert 3 and general 1 and 2 tiberium wars there is no miner in real life in Ukraine and Russia war that sad

  2. Artur, read a nice article today discussing NATO's contributions to Ukraine. Wanted to send a "well done" from America to Estonia…… 1% of your GDP sent to Ukraine from a country with as small a population as yours is impressive. Take pride in your people and I and glad the US has Estonia as an ally. Maybe you guys can humiliate the "big" countries in Europe to finally spend 2% of GDP on military like Estonia and see the light.
    Anna head ja saa head

  3. Historical China is in Tiawan. I think THEY should take back China and part of Russia. I believe Tiawan could do it because China is MUCH MORE A "Paper Tiger" then even Russia was. I think Rhode Island National Guard could take on China and win. China has those "ideas" but is too much of a paper tiger. They only wish they had half what they claim to have so they could take advantage of this situation. You think if they had it, they wouldn't take advantage of Russia now? China is kicking itself for NOT actually having the military they talk about so they could take advantage of Russia right now. They don't and won't attack Tiwan after watching the Bigger Brother Paper Tiger (Russia) fail against a much smaller military then Tiwan's.

  4. Great Video Artur! The Massive Corruption EVERYWHERE in Russian Military is Exactly why Russia is losing this War and is Doomed in Ukraine!! Every day Ukraine is getting Stronger with the Best Western Weapons and Russia is getting Weaker with ZERO chance of replacing any Weapons lost in Ukraine!! Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

  5. Mines and trenches, trenches and mines; these are the two hurdles for Ukraine to consider with much soberness [thus]. These JDAMS [and perhaps the GLSDB's] may be the answer for mines, if not exploding all of them, at least dispersing the forces to either side so that mines can be avoided or taken out. As for trenches, some of us know that certain gases are heavier than others, and would find their way into. . . trenches. It needn't be lethal, just very annoying. Such a gas can be delivered by any of a number of methods. . .

  6. Thank you Artur for your insights, channel, and work to help the Ukrainians.
    I look upon the Ukrainian effort to overcome corruption with envy, and here I am in Canada with 'Trudeau-the-Corrupt' who doles out patronage funds and business contracts to his friends and relatives quite "Liberally" and who would have our country be a post-nation state, which means NOT-A-COUNTRY (Reference: NYTimes interview 2015, search: Trudeau post national state). Openly admiting that he is purposely reneging on his/Canada's NATO commitments (<1.3% of GDP vs 2%), he is among the worst leaders in today's world. His invocation of the Emergency Measures Act on Valentine's Day just ahead of Russia's aggression to put-down the trucker protests in Ottawa is the kindergarten version of totalitarianism. He is the reason Canada has no place at the table of serious international decision-making and why other NATO countries are questioning our membership. Fortunately, there are other strong and well meaning Canadians, especially our Armed Forces and elected Parliamentarians, that are calling Trudeau to task. Like Putin, he cannot last much longer.
    Bravo to the US top-secret leak that exposed his NATO distain.
    Bravo to Ukraine for their will to overcome corruption and Russian Fascism.
    Slava Ukraini.

  7. At 15:47 regarding NATO's requirements shouldn't take a decade to do so. In my view, the quickest way to change is a war. A war wipes the slate clean so to speak and rebuild in the image that the leaders wish to shape. The important thing is to recognize it and immediately implement the changes that is necessary. It shouldn't be dragged on for years. Otherwise, this would be a wasted opportunity. So I am very hopeful for Ukraine that they are on the fast track even though there is so much destruction and loss but on the positive side, it is a great way to start anew.

  8. Imagine if Ukraine takes over Russia, and then they start fighting corruption, they already have strong relations with the entire western world, that would make Russia and Ukraine 2 of the strongest and wealthiest nations on Earth, and Russia and Ukraine and NATO would be the strongest force on Earth for peace, It would not be a frozen relation but a brotherly relation,, I believe that Ukraine in the future would be one of the lead countries in NATO, they have the experience and the Heart.

  9. The US taxpayer is getting tired of footing the bill and I'm sure when this war is over the US taxpayer will be stuck with footing the bill to rebuild the Ukraine and our government just raise the debt ceiling so they can continue to be the world's welfare department for these other mooching ass countries around the world enough is enough it's time to start letting other countries step up and foot the bill
    But of course as long as creepy Joe keeps getting his 10% he will give these moochers whatever they want

  10. If Ukraine manages to cut off supply lines of the Russians and pokes through the defense lines on three or four segments, Russian troops can't predict where they are going in full offensive and are unable to move their troops quickly enough from one point to the other. Russian army isn't able to control all of the over one thousand kilometers long Frontline. Smart attacks by the UAF and good logistic,as well as strategic operating precise artillery, mobilized infantry attacks and then following the tanks would be the game by Ukraine to break through the Russian lines. We don't know where it will happen, but I guess the UAF will concentrate on the South and Southeast to cut off Crimea from supply. Attacks to fool the Russians, like they did in the Kherson offensive, will be as useful as a offensive on three points of the Russian defense line. We will see what happens. I hope they have enough shells to do so for at least three month. It will take some time and costs a lot of life (on both sides), unfortunately. And I don't think they're going into Crimea,it isn't even necessary. Cutting the supply line to Crimea and shelling the airfield and important logistic center of the railway in the north of Crimea is strategically better. Let the Russians use the Kerch bridge until they're gone, then shell it into pieces. It will go in history as Putins biggest fail investment ever!
    "Well, take a seat and watch the show." What's actually a too sarcastic, inappreciative statement,because many soldiers and civilians will die. I only hope this operation will succeed and bring an end to the senseless killing and destruction of Ukraine in a war no one wanted but Putin.

  11. Hundreds of IFV's dont matter when Russia still has over 1,000 tanks left as well as thousands of IFV's.. Russia spends 80 billion dollars a year on its' military and has been doing so for years

  12. Lol, all our weapon systems and tactics have been based on this type of warfare since ww2. We are training the Ukrainians on how to do this with all the new information(actually how backward and inept the russians are). The only thing that will slow the Ukrainians down will be value of troop life and the cannon fodder sacrifice of the russians.

  13. You know, a smart Russian leader would have looked at a map and said to himself, "We already have twice as much land as the next largest country, and plenty of resources to support the population. I am satisfied with that."

    But noooooo… Putin just had to try to take Ukraine as well. What is it about warlords and their inability to quit while they're ahead?

  14. China as we know is very touchy to say the least about its boarders and territories, and i expect at some time they will take back all territories taken by Russia. The thing with China is it's very patient and have been watching Russia's military capabilities for years through war games, so they know Russia can never beat them in battle. NATO wont assist Russia so they would be toasted & served up like scrambled eggs.

  15. Preghozin is a killer of children. He gives orders to kill all on battlefield to poor old ladies to young children. I hope he is taken out klignon DS9 style when they hunt down the killer of children (Dax and 3 klignons.)

  16. As always this was another interesting video. China taking back Siberia because it historically belonged to them. Wow…if that happened , the nukes will definitely be flying. Putin will blow up the whole planet before he would capitulate. Let's hope some well connected Russians with resources, a vision for a post Putin Russia and a conscience will act before it is too late. But I don't think these people exist especially not inside Russia.

  17. I suspect that at least half of the Russian units 'to the south' would fold and run in the face of a determined Ukrainian offensive. And once the land bridge is cut, it is only a matter of time before Crimea is abandoned…which would be the end of Putin. Of course, then the world would have to deal with the final and extremely violent death of the Russian Imperial State.

  18. Hear me out here, what if we trained somewhat English speaking Ukrainian pilots on the f35, we always here about how the f35s computer systems and screens are easy to use and all that the pilot really has to do is make a lot of decisions, so theoretically if we get a handful of skilled Ukrainian pilots trained on the f35 platform, they could then launch counter attacks based on stealth and or stol/vtol. I don’t know everything and I’m not outright saying this is a good idea, but I’d love to hear peoples thoughts on it ( posting on a couple things so hopefully artur sees it and gives his opinion )

  19. Vladimir Putin and his Kremlin Putinian regime is Satan Principality here on earth whose mission is to DESTROY God's precious creation 'mankind" and all that is on earth. Now the Divine Tribune have listened to cries and prayers of the Downtrodden for God's intervention to the Hideous Evil Savage act committed by the Principality of Satan against God's precious creation whom God created in his image. God have alienated the Evil Murderous Barbarian Savage Fascist NAZI Communist Totalitarian Tyrant Dictator Vladimir Putin the Stalin, Lenin and Adolf Hitler reincarnate and his Putinian Kremlin regime. The Divine Justice has now cast the Divine WRATH upon all the Principalities of Satan and will disgraced them with destruction before sending them into the eternal Condemnation in the Fire of hell. God Bless Ukraine. God Bless Europe NATO and the USA and all free Democratic nations of the world under God. Glory be to the Righteous Almighty God and all the Free Democratic nations of the world under God.

  20. conserning the subject around 17:00 where theres a screencap from a chat. someone wrote that the "only acceptable outcome is-" …Remember folks that life is not just, outcomes are what they are and you really have to push, hard, to get what you feel as just or acceptable. That tied with the fight against corruption is very hard. I mean insanely hard. Corrution is visible in some cases, where theres money involved. Money can be tracked, it leaves a trail just follow the trail on hints and so on. (Obviously it's not that simple but is you reach a roadblock you know somethings fishy).

    But corruption can be invisible like a group of highschool friends that don't talk to outsiders and only trade with themselves, like a friendly monopoly. IRL coalition between large congolmerates procure suppliers and grab vendors in contracts that essentially lockdown a market. The end effect is that it can erode market competition, no new companies survive to undercut the competition and prices slowly rise to a barely sustainable level.

  21. Easy Way to wipe out the mine Fields is to hit them with Cluster Bombs. Do that when the ground is dry and they will drive through at full Speed…. I AM Surprised You never thought of it Arthur!!

  22. Theoretically Ukraine has the weapons to negate mere trench lines in quick order. 1000 lb glide bombs delivered by planes beyond SAM range can render defenders in nearly 1000 ft of Russian trench line combat ineffective via blast wave. NATO retrofitted MIG29s can carry at least 2. 6 such bombs can obliterate a village thru destruction & blast wave. When air coord confirms planes due in 1-2 min armor takes off at high speed across field. As dust clears & armor closes to 300 feet they open up w MG on anything vaguely appear to be trenches or "bunkers" meaning in Russia's case branches & ammo cases w a dusting of soil over a tarp. Main guns would hit these & anyplace rounds coming from.
    Ukraine should have now other means of effecting same
    US has MULTIPLE other weapons systems even more powerful to effect same.
    I fail to see where a Russian defensive trench is a problem.

  23. Big problem is everything is mined and Russia has superior numbers in artillery which Ukraine have not be able to overcome. So this offensive is stuck to the roads until they get through the three lines and hence where Russian Artillery comes into play. It will be a slow dragged out offensive with a high cost.

  24. 2004 4th January I was in Nissan trade in Berlin, By 5 in the morning the snow was already 1 foot deep, Fast decision to hit the road and head south. Went through Prague thinking maybe i might go to Greece, but that snow never ended and was getting worse, Driving through Slovenia it was still snowing. I got pulled over by a regular police patrol, He told me to unload the van. Back of the van had 10 boxes full of stuff, ( I work markets.). I was unloading the van pleading with the police not to make me unload the whole thing when The Officer seemingly in charge said, "That looks nice." pointing at a bamboo flute. I stood there for a second thinking NO WAY!… Then i said "Do you want one," He smiled and said yes, I took 5 flutes and handed them straight to him, Smiling he stuffed them into his police jacket and happily told me to reload my car and go…. LMAO…. The story of an Australian driving through Europe.
    After traveling in India for 10 years I understand the problem with this mentality is that you can get away with murder if you have enough money.

  25. Pregozhin is far funnier than Horseface in the UN Box Office Seat.
    Due to them abandoning their tanks and vehicles let alone those that have been destroyed.
    These Russian PMCs are going to have to fight each other with those shovels they been trained to kill with LOL.
    This has to go down in history as the craziest most senseless War ever, ever. 🤡🤠💩👽👻
    I’m from New Zealand 🇳🇿 so it’s not really for me to say in regard to NATO, however if it brings peace and stability to Europe than Ukraine 🇺🇦 and others need to be included.
    Give Ukraine a probationary membership that gives them a certain amount of years to meet the criteria.
    The world has changed, and we need to change with it. Including NATO.
    Slava Ukraine.

  26. I'm aware of the "corruption" which afflicted Ukraine in the decades since it gained independence. However, events since 2014 in particular would seem to have accelerated social forces which would constrain corruption. The simplest sign of this is Zelensky himself: pretty obviously not corrupt and he managed to attain the highest office in the nation. Is there still corruption in Ukraine? Of course. Is it ACTUALLY worse, or more common, more of a problem than in Germany, or France, or UK or US? I very much doubt that. One need look no further than the utterly corrupt deals which German leadership fabricated between themselves, their wealthy benefactors in German industry and finance and THE PUTIN REGIME. Germany was extremely reluctant to take an objectively anti-Putin stance even after the horrors of Ukrainian war crimes were revealed. Putin has gone to war against Ukraine PRECISELY BECAUSE the nation has resisted his efforts to bribe and extort the nation back into his sphere of influence. Germany is not alone among the "Western nations" in having a mixed record when it comes to corruption either. We here in the U.S. have what I reckon are enormous unacknowledged levels of corruption. If there is one thing the extreme poles in American politics can agree on it is that "the Other" is utterly corrupt, malicious and incompetent.

    Ukraine is quite possibly MORE deserving of taking the LEAD of NATO than the so-called leaders of the coalition.

  27. The USA has major corruption, all the way up to the supreme court. Hungary is authoritarian, not democratic. Fair treatment of minority populations is not happening anywhere. I think the requirements for NATO membership are ideals, not true requirements. If the existing members don't have to abide by them, and clearly they do not, then there is nothing preventing Ukraine from joining.

  28. Dude, are you ok? It is been a while since you started spreading those kremlin narratives. I see 💰🙅👃. What in the world do you mean "we are not even touching other ethnicities", – bring examples when you say something like that, examples where other ethnicities are mistreated, I'll wait? Huge corruption? Like in Italy, Germany, Austria or higher? 'Ukraine supporter', that is why you had to explicitly say that🤣? Yeah-yeah, you could say some bs like a friend is the one that points out to problem and not the one who tell what you want to hear. But in your case you are just a mouthpiece for kremlin voices

  29. all countries have corruption as when humans get power they get some amount of corruption along with that power, the scope of corruption depends on the people that are in positions of power and this will vary depending on how tempting perks of corruption is to the individual

  30. look how muddy brown the Dnipro River is. This is what this guy not saying it one big muddy mess right now nothing going to be fast. Both sides are in a mud shutdown .Don't be stupid look how brown the river is.


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