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dentro de una clínica gratuita de fentanilo y heroína | Drogas Gratis

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2021 fue el año más mortífero registrado en muertes por drogas en los EE. UU. y Canadá, gracias a una epidemia de sobredosis en curso alimentada principalmente por fentanilo. Para combatir esta crisis, los gobiernos están bajo presión para actuar.

En este episodio de Free Drugs, Manisha Krishnan va a la ciudad de Nueva York y Vancouver para hablar con las personas que recurren a nuevas medidas radicales para evitar que la gente muera. Si bien la ciudad de Nueva York se convirtió en la primera ciudad de los Estados Unidos en tener sitios de consumo supervisados ​​aprobados por el gobierno donde los usuarios pueden traer sus propias drogas para usarlas en un ambiente seguro, una clínica en Vancouver ha estado recetando heroína y fentanilo de grado farmacéutico a los usuarios de drogas para mantenerlos. del uso del suministro de la calle.

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  1. Lost my 22 year old nephew to fentanyl last month!!! If you even know someone you care about has used herion or any street drug it is literally dangerous to leave them alone! Don’t give up on them and always have multiple narcan! I live in a small nowhere town, I did not know fentanyl was here. It is literally everywhere! Lost way too many to drugs, it’s devastating! This is the true epidemic!

  2. Outside of all those clinics are 20 drug dealers who don’t even have to look for new customers because they sit in their cars and they come to them Without fear of getting arrested

  3. USA loves drugs… there isn’t another country and I as a foreigner and someone who visit multiple countries. America is probably the number one in using drugs. We see it awkward that you have so many different ones, so sad :/

  4. I've seen various comments from fellow Canadians who don't want their tax dollars spent on projects like in the video. Well I'd rather my tax dollars go to help my fellow Canadians who need assistance including addiction ( many times addiction stems from trauma, illness mental or physical), instead of oh I don't know our pointless Senate or cost of symbolic monarchy. But hey that's just me and my empathetic personality. However my sensible self also knows that it's more cost effective to have these initiatives or programs than putting them in prison, or increased police to deal with crimes being committed for drugs, or hospital ERs dealing with overdoses or other complications from unsafe drug use. I've been fortunate personally to not have anyone directly in my life have an opioid addiction, and someone shouldn't have to, in order to understand the true nature of the issue, open yourselves up to understanding complexities of different peoples lives. Remember you may never know when someone you care for needs help and then I guess it's ok for tax dollars to go to funding these initiatives.

  5. Ну создаете вы им эти прекрасные условия и что они начинают социализироваться? Да им так ещё лучше и накормят и оденут и шприцов с наркотой дадут

  6. Да уж "отличные идеи" продвигаются в массу, смотри не бойся употреблять на тебе шприц и комнату где ты можешь сделать это без риска передоза

  7. Полная чушь, они приходят за бесплатной дозой, когда у них нет денег например, а потом они пойдут и купят у барыги, вы что будете их контролировать

  8. I moved to a little rural town in Upstate NY from Long Island last year. I was talking with a guy I work with and he was going off about how these sites are promoting drug use, etc. (fox news talking points, basically). Nicely (I don't like to argue or talk down to people. You get nowhere that way), I told him what these sites actually do for people. That it's a clean and safe enviornment for them to use. Basically, what was talked about in this video. I asked him, "Would you rather a person shoot up in a dirty abandoned building and die because someone wasn't there to help, or they get HIV or Hep from a dirty needle? Or be in a safe, clean space with a new needle and nurses who can help them if they're in trouble? Plus, they offer help to those looking for it." He thought for a minute, I could actually see the epiphany happen, and replied, "I see your point. I get it now. I never thought of it that way. It's good that they do that." I was able to change at least one mind. And to give you an idea, this guy has trump and confederate flags flying from his pick up truck and all kinds of anti-Biden ("Send Joe and The Hoe Back Home" is one) stickers.

  9. So that woman consumes taxpayer paid for opiates and then still goes out and buys illegal drugs🤡🤦‍♂️ These are absolutely not solutions to this problem the only solution is heavy law enforcement and Suboxone

  10. I love this clinic, I know it's a success like all of these clinics are around the world, but as a former longtime Oxy and heroin addict, why would anyone prefer fentanyl? Lol. Fentanyl sucks. Even medical fentanyl is garbage.

  11. I’m sorry, somebody can explain to me how so much people become addicted ?? Promote the “save use” is the only solution?? Where from those drugs come??? Who pay for those drugs, needless, scoops, for the building? I Assume the worker stuff work voluntary? Or they live of people addiction ?? I’m sorry but all that effort to keeping them safely addicted; Why don’t use those resources to help this people out of drugs? Help them be really Free!!!

  12. Ok in my country (EU) we have methadon clinics for opiate addicts for at least 15 years. It’s working just fine. Nobody’s robbing me on the street to buy drugs and almost no overdosing. We had 23 deaths because of ovedosing per million per year. That would be 7.200 deaths per year for USA proportionally. It works.

  13. The section with Laura Shaver really bothered me. This woman gets to come to this place, get heroin, fentanyl, and benzos but then leaves to get even more drugs (illegal stimulants)? And then spends the majority of her day getting drugs for herself and others? Could you have shown a worse example of someone participating in this program? So she gets all these drugs but STILL just needs to get more high and spend all of her time obtaining drugs? So at what point is she returning to society? At what point is she being productive or having a family? When is she doing a hobby or at least not focusing all her time on drugs? This is proof that an addict will always want more. She is getting drugs that most addicts dream about but she still has to get more? I know that this program is preventing deaths which is great but it doesn't look like it's truly helping anyone.

    When you go to a methadone clinic, they are focused on getting you back to living a regular life. Methadone, an extremely long lasting drug is only administered once a day, which stops the cravings and let's the addict go back to living a "normal" life. No need to take another dose or think about drugs for the rest of the day. They give you therapy, resources to doctors, a counselor to help you work on goals and identify triggers… I feel like I'm having a hard time articulating what I'm trying to say… I don't think this program is doing much besides preventing death. But these people might as well be dead.

    I say all this with respect as I am a recovering addict too. I'm luckily in a methadone program so maybe I'm biased. But if this existed when I was in addictive addiction, I don't think I ever would have stopped. Maybe this program could work for other people but people like Laura are totally taking advantage of it.

  14. I can get behind the safe injection clinics. But that is where I draw the line. Prescribing people heroin, fentanyl, and benzos is absolutely insane. Those people have lost their minds. You could AT THE VERY LEAST drug test them and make sure they are only taking the prescribed drugs and no street drugs. If they are going to go buy drugs on the street then it COMPLETELY defeats the purpose. Not that I think it's a good idea to begin with.

  15. These places work.

    Look at what’s happened in Portugal since they decriminalised.

    Saved lives & money. More hospitals available& more lives saved.

    DW – England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  16. Wow! They need one or two of these where I live! The ppl who run the OPC in Manhattan sound amazing! I like that he included poor white ppl when he was talking about the societal differences. I've always thought they should be included. I'm not saying that we have the same problems as black or brown ppl by any means. Just that they do have problems also!
    Great story, love ur channel!

  17. Damn it made my eyes water when I saw the lady at the end seeing that lady get all the stuff she needed, her doctor being nice and helpful and her feeling normal and working a job. I want that so bad. It's really heartwarming to know that addicts out there are able to live a life that isn't hell. I'm so happy for that woman. I know her life was hell before. When I was able to afford opiates and they were pharmaceutical grade my life was actually really normal. Once the government cracked down on doctors and people could no longer get prescriptions everything got so bad. I had always used Heroin but I preferred pharmaceuticals because I knew how much I was taking and it was safer. Even before Fentanyl people still overdosed (it was just not common). Before Fentanyl I knew one person who passed away from opiates, now ive lost count. Ive personally overdosed so much that I stopped counting. If I had a program like the one at the end of the video, I know I would be okay and not feel horrible all the time. Anyway, I'm ranting.

  18. We are living in the twilight zone, these frack houses are being applauded for enabling drug addicts to continue harming their bodies, what they should be doing is offering rehabilitation and addiction recovery services smfh

  19. I deal with several mental health disorders and as a result to drown out the pain I used. I was a Fentanyl and Percocet addict, for only a year I'd say, but the horrific effects of withdrawals and other issues are enormous; and I only used for a year whereas other use for a longgg time. I am so blessed that I didn't die or end up homeless and broke, and am so grateful to have found sobriety and to be here today. I pray for everyone out there struggling. If you try, and put in the work, no matter how bad the pain is; the beauty of sobriety outweighs that pain. Never give up.

  20. Hypocrisy is they care more about drug users than those who they mandated an experimental vaccine or our vets

    I was a power drug user in the 80's including IV, I got out on my own. Moved to Houston with a company promotion. Relapsed later as I got back into clubs, hot women, and after parties…not IV but snorting/smoking coke became the norm. Being in Texas it was also easy to go to Mexico pharmacies and grab the downers to equal you out plus pharmaceutical amphetamines to bring you up. Still it was always about the coke. Help like this does not get you off drugs it further enables.

    I relapsed a few years later (late 90'S into Y2K, messing around with the wrong gals…running with the high class lawyers, business people etc. We all worked but we had better drugs to keep us on the medium. Still all trash

    When you decide to quit, you will quit…aiding and abetting, forced council because you got busted will not get most out…maybe 1 out of 100.

  21. Hopefully someday we will become enlightened enough to realize that we have no right to tell someone what they can take or not take. It's their bodies, if they are not harming anyone else, what makes anyone feel like they have the right to tell another adult what they can and can't put in their own bodies? Look at the things we have no problems with people using and putting in their bodies with no problem? Alcohol is one of the worst things that is perfectly legal? What people who don't use drugs don't understand is that there are millions upon millions of people who use drugs every day and it is not a problem with their lives at all. We just focus on the ones who are are the worst ones that have taken it to an extreme. I know it would be difficult at first to deal with the legalization of drugs, but eventually I don't see any other options for the future? Put the money we spend on the drug war into treatment program and helping homeless people and helping those people who have taken their using to the extreme.

  22. If this doesn't show that heroin should be used instead of methadone and subutex I don't know what ever will. That lady is a perfect example for it. If the word decided to go that way so many problems would be instantly solved and there wouldn't be anymore people on the streets looking like zombies with the flesh rotting away.

  23. Now when white people get hooked on drugs, it’s an epidemic, President Ronald Reagan and the CIA was pushing drugs in the black neighborhoods. It was called a war on crime, you Europeans are reaping what you sow. let the good times

  24. These people are playing God and feeding their egos at the expense of people who are addicted. Savior complex…all they are doing is prolonging people's ability to poison themselves and they will eventually die if they don't stop.

  25. It’s scary how many people in the comment section are commenting for a loved one who passed from Fent. There a a couple thousand comments and hundreds of them are about a loved one… rip and my condolences to anyone who passed away. rip Logan

  26. With all due respect, Miss. Laura cannot be injecting that much "prescribed" morphine, in addition to buying/consuming illicit drugs. The nauseating cherry on top is diazepam and a fentanyl patch for good measure! That is madness, she need to be tapering down and not titrating up!!!!!! They are just helping to increase her tolerance and creating a "tranq" addict. So sad and my prayers are with her and all other addicts suffering. There is another side and it is possible to live without it.

  27. 70% of fentanyl in USA comes straight from China
    Stop blamming Mexico. You guys provoked this by giving fentanyl the last decade to anybody with a doctor prescription. Now that your people is vicious you blame Mexico?

    You USA government are the only responsibles.
    México ACTUALLY is doing a lot to help you.
    But USA needs to stop selling guns like candies to anybody. Those guns are sold to cartels killing mexican citizens.
    How come you blame Mexican cartels only? What about
    Aryan brotherhood
    Ms 13
    Black guerrilla Family
    Nazi lowriders
    Hells angels
    Latín kings
    And all your american gangs?
    Wha dont you first clean you own mess and then talk about other countries👎👎👎

  28. I’m a NY tax payer- i would much rather have my hard-earned dollars towards rehab for these folks versus ensuring that they’ll be able to “safely” do heroin 🤦🏻‍♀️

  29. Maybe America should stop financing Israel with American taxes every year and start working with the fentanyl addiction and homeless problems. Whoever who visited California knows that this is a very serious problem.

  30. It's time for this country to make a change in how we look at addiction and those affected. Opioid addicts are pretty much always psychologically stable, and could live a completely normal life, if only facilities like this were available across the US. So many addicts would become so much more productive members to society and the stigmas attached would fall apart.

    Doctors should just give people the damn drugs and narcotics they want. No discrimination.


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