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Cómo mata el fentanilo: una explicación de CBC News

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El fentanilo es un potente opioide sintético, un analgésico similar a la morfina. Pero su uso recreativo se está convirtiendo en una crisis de salud pública y un problema cada vez mayor para las fuerzas del orden en todo el país. Leer más http://www.cbc.ca/1.3864676

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  1. I know someone who's name rhymes with George Lloyd that had fentanyl in the system. The same fentanyl that this very video pointed out affects your respiratory system.

    But it doesn't matter because people aren't interested in silly little things like facts.

  2. I have been been on fentanyl patches for 13 years prescribed by my doctor after two failed spinal surgeries because of chronic severe disabling pain and now that i want off it, it has become a nightmare just titration down from 100mcg patch to 75mcg the withdrawals are horrendous I curse the day I was put on the medication 😢😢

  3. I'm sorry but I find it very hard to believe it releases dopamine.
    Every downer drug I've been on most of which where extremely mild especially compared to this one put me in "lala eh who cares about anything I can't feel physical pain anymore, nothing matters, I'm going to sleep land."

  4. So is it fast? My uncle died from getting weed that was laced with fent & I'm just trying to find any info that will tell me if he at least went quickly. He was 50. SIP SNH.

  5. Don't know why people are not thrilled by normal life, how beautiful the mother nature, how beautiful the dawn and dusks are, nothing in this world can bring happiness if you are not able to thrill abt the fact that you are alive in a healthy body


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