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Combates en Sudán: Decenas de miles de extranjeros y ciudadanos huyen

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A pesar del alto el fuego, el martes por la noche se escucharon combates con disparos y explosiones después del anochecer en Omdurman, la ciudad hermana de Jartum al otro lado del río Nilo, donde el ejército usó drones para atacar las posiciones de las RSF, dijo un reportero de la agencia de noticias Reuters.
“El secretario general volvió a advertir que esto podría extenderse más allá de las fronteras de Sudán, dejando en claro que hay siete países que limitan con Sudán, todos ellos en los últimos años han tenido disturbios o conflictos”, dijo Bays.
Ya había una crisis humanitaria en el país antes de los combates actuales, dijo Bays, y agregó que “la situación es mucho peor ahora” en medio del inestable alto el fuego.

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  1. Maybe this is a good time to test the two usual suspects Russia and china and their new era, aka , the new world order which promised global peace and stability ! and yet one is forced to keep an eye on Russia and its Wagner group preferred choice as winner ! (RSF) as Wagner go about the place to shape a political future conducive to their own interests. Mainly the Gold and their Red sea naval base either way , Russia's man in the UN just abstained along with his side kick China on the extension of the UN sanctions mandate on Sudan , Putin's mouth piece Dmitry Polyanskiy (Russian Federation) said he abstained in the vote, as the sanctions regime no longer reflects the situation in Darfur and is preventing the Government of Sudan from state-building and achieving socioeconomic development. , obviously a case of Coup ! what Coup ? the outcome of the ongoing power struggle in Sudan will impact the future of both of these key interests, China of course sticks to its standard narrative

    China supports all parties in Sudan in continuously and steadily advancing the political transition through dialogue and consultation, and opposes interference by external forces in Sudan's internal affairs. so will they rein in the Russians , don't hold your breath !

  2. Omar bashir created the Janjaweed aka RSF whom killed the people of DARFUR & now they want a bigger piece of the government, GREED is eating africa & our leaders are fuelling everything negative for personal gains by support from the west.

  3. Who is supporting these groups on the Continent of Africa

    .Western countries European Countries Media Media Media Media Media Media Media Media Media Media Media Media Media Must get out and stop negative reporting

  4. The World Health Organization is warning that biolabs in Sudan are a "huge biological risk" because Sudanese fighters have seized at least one in the capital of Khartoum.

    Biolabs you say?

    The U.S. and Saudi Arabia brokered a 72-hour ceasefire in Sudan this week that seems to be in compliance. But the WHO says that one side of the fighting parties had seized control of a biolab that holds "samples of cholera, measles, polio, and other infectious diseases."

    The U.S. has had major interests in biolabs in Sudan since the late 1990s when President Bill Clinton bombed Sudanese pharmaceutical factories, falsely claiming that they were making chemical weapons. Did the U.S. have an interest in the biolab at hand? We can't be sure but the National Institute of Health has pulled down information from its website linking it to ebola research in Sudan involving monkeys. Why?

  5. The foreign governments are deliberately starting ECONOMICAL WARS IN OUR AFRICAN CONTINENT, whilst we are busy killing our brethren the foreign governments are busy stealing our mineral's and evacuating their people then they have a chance to invade our CONTINENT!

  6. My God! Why would anyone accepts US government's & CIA dirty money ans in exchange you will form a terrorist group and spread chaos, civil war to destablize your own government & destroy your own country. You are just clearing the path for the US to loot your country to dry and oppressing all the people including you who became US pawns and the one who sold their country.

  7. Dlaczego BRICS nie interweniuje? Ważniejsze jest udowadnianie prawdziwości hasła rewolucji francuskiej WOLNOŚĆ RÓWNOŚĆ BRATERSTWO w którym WOLNOŚĆ prowadziła ludzi na barykady? To hasło było oszustwem I dawało podwaliny pod demokrację jako rządy głupców łatwe do kontrolowania dzięki poczuciu krzywdy. Tak samo było w przypadku pseudokomunizmu. Dlatego pozorna praca dawała tylko rzekome efekty. Wtedy można było ratować kraje, w których był komunizm. A raczej pseudokomunizm. Prawdziwe hasło rewolucji francuskiej powinno brzmieć BRATERSTWO W WOLNOŚCI I RÓWNOŚCI CZYLI BĄDŹMY WIELCY RAZEM. Wtedy nigdy nie byłoby wojen I rewolucji. Nigdy nie byłoby nieformalnych przywódców aby rozwalali państwa od wewnątrz będąc sterowani z zewnątrz. Polska dzięki podobnej polityce gdzie demokrację sprowadzono do absurdu dzięki złotej wolności szlacheckiej i liberum veto zniknęła z mapy świata na 123 lata. Polacy jednak niczego się nie naucza. Bo z racji pomnika Chrystusa w Świebodzinie Polska musi należeć do BRICS a nie NATO. Bo BRICS to połączenie zasad prawdziwego chrześcijaństwa z mądrością chińską.

  8. Daily dhikr
    Hadith whoever remembers Allah Allah remembers you no matter how small it is
    Allahu akbar
    LAILAHA ilalahu Muhammadurasoolullah
    Allahumma ajirni minan naar
    Hasbunallahu wanimal wakeel
    LA quwata ila bila hil aliul Azim
    Subhanallahi wa bihamdihi Subhanallahil Azim
    LA ilalaha ilalahu Wahdahu LA sharikalahu walahul hamdu yuhyi wayumeetu biyadahil khair wahuwaala kulli shayin qadeer 3rd kalimah
    ayatul kursi💕

  9. 現在の内戦の原因を作ったオマル・バシールは今でも病院でピンピンしてるぞ?

  10. علي الجنرالين مغادره مقاعد السلطه فهما غير مواهلين لقياده الشعب السوداني🖤the two generals should leave the seats of power as the are not qualified to lead the sudanese people

  11. And the rest of the world have to pay for it! It's about time NATO goes in and get an stop to this madness!! The government needs to be replaced 100%, because this will keep being like a pressure cooker unless something is being done now.

  12. And the Saviour said: "Whoever, then, knows the Father in pure knowledge will depart to the Father and repose in Unbegotten Father. But whoever knows him defectively will depart to the defect and the rest of the Eighth. Now whoever knows Immortal Spirit of Light in silence, through reflecting and consent in the truth, let him bring me signs of the Invisible One, and he will become a light in the Spirit of Silence. Whoever knows Son of Man in knowledge and love, let him bring me a sign of Son of Man, that he might depart to the dwelling-places with those in the Eighth”.☀☀☀

  13. Well the west was quick to pump 100's billions into the Ukrainian war to the point their putting their own working class citizens into poverty…guess human lives only matter for their own political gain

  14. Keep worshipping allah who is useless n doesn't exist at all if u wanna face worst n more worst situation do u ever heard something like that happening in a Christian state or country but where people worship or follow allah this type of situation is just common not new at all just see ,like what has happen around where allah is been worship like example Sudan Pakistan Syria Iraq Afghanistan and many more can't even count high time to search and follow Jesus christ who is the only solution and can bring the real peace and joy to your land but until n unless you stop following or stop worshipping your useless allah you will never find peace God bless you all

  15. This is Not Good Thing For Sudan Enough is Enough They Both Army’s Are Supposed to Protect Their Citizens Not Make There Citizens Be afraid of Them an There Army When it’s All Said an Done The People Of Sudan Won’t Forget What There Own Governments an Generals Military Officials All Because of This Two Generals Soon They Will Be arrested an Charge Both Generals Will Be Held Accountable For There Actions Really Soon New Sudan Laws Need to Be Changed For Situation Like This So This Type Stuff Wont Ever Happened Again This Is Why 50 African Country’s Needs To Have There Own African NATO To Help protect All African Nations in Times Like This Africa Needs it’s Own NATO Alliance’s All Africa One Africa

  16. Sudan Own Officials Generals Just Murderd There own Citizen’s And They Still Want Them to Join There Army’s that’s Crazy The Criminals To Be arrested an Charge an Sudan 🇸🇩 Needs Real Justice IF Both Generals Need to Be Charged an arrested Then So Be It Sudan Needs Great Generals Who Will Give There Own Blood For There Country an There People an There Great Sudan History We Love Great Sudan 🇸🇩

  17. Aljazeera try so hard to outsmart CNN or any western media propaganda,why this channel is not reporting about that Sudan just like ukraine they have become a proxy between america and Russia after Sudan sign an agreement for Russia to have it's naval base in Sudan on December 2022 and the america's bio lab.

    So many people are happy about what Egypt has done with propaganda aljazeera journalists including Israel and this one we are behind Israel.


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