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¿China seguirá enviando armas a Rusia? Xi y Zelenskyy hablan por teléfono | Noticias DW

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El presidente ucraniano, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, ha confirmado que ha tenido una “llamada larga y significativa” con el presidente chino, Xi Jinping.

Zelenskyy escribió en Twitter que esperaba que la llamada impulsara el desarrollo de las relaciones bilaterales. Es la primera llamada entre los dos líderes desde el comienzo de la guerra en Ucrania. Los medios estatales chinos informan que Xi dijo que las conversaciones y negociaciones de Zeleskyy eran la única forma de poner fin al conflicto. China es vista como un jugador clave en cualquier movimiento hacia la paz debido a su estrecha relación con Rusia.

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  1. Peace and stability in the region will be restored under the stewardship of China's Xi Jinping . A comprehensive plan will be implemented . It will involve social , agricultural and energy distribution reform beneficial to both Russia and Ukraine all of this without the West and NATO who will loo like fools in the end , wait and see

  2. I dont get this. China is already supplying Russia with weapons? They were caught last year sending AR15 copy assault rifles as "hunting weapons" to Russia. Stop with the blindness people, wake up. It is very clear what China, Russia, India and friends are doing. They are intentionally destabilizing the world because they have huge internal problems (food, resource, economic, pollution, political, social etc) and need to get their populations to focus on blame and "its everyone else thats bad". This is a common mechanism used by states.
    Id like to think the world could just get along, and I think 80% of the world actually do.. and cant stand this mental BS. Its the 20% power mongers that want to control the 80% and they are the problem (in every country not just Asian, African etc, its Western, European as well). The key difference with everything is freedoms. What does your country stand for in terms of universal freedoms and human rights. Its in the UN charter.. but fundamentally the head of the UN "Security Council" (Russia) started a war, and cant be held accountable, and a second member (China) is directly supporting it. The UN should be disbanded. Its clearly not doing the most basic thing it was created for – stopping countries from this sort of madness.

  3. send weapons=Osho the energy that was creating problem goes back to the cosmos

    Osho citizens need dignity individuality certain sense of direction into eternity. That is missing =Osho Give people some new spiritual awakening. That is revolution=

    Osho Love takes the responsibility on itself.=Osho Love is the only phenomenon which knows no space, distance, time=Osho love solves everything, depth of love=Osho Reincarnation, I know it is truth=Osho everybody has a destiny to fulfill. And until you fulfill that destiny, you will never feel fulfilled. You can have much money, but fulfillment will not come through it. You can have much sex; fulfillment will not come through it. You can have much power; fulfillment will not come through it. Fulfillment comes only when you have fulfilled a certain destiny that you were carrying, that was coded within you, that was deep in your blueprint. Unless you have become that for which you were made — unless you have attained to being — you will never be fulfilled. Fulfillment is peace, fulfillment is bliss, fulfillment is contentment. And only a fulfilled heart can pray, because only a fulfilled heart can be grateful and can feel the grace descending: the spirit of God= TAUFIQ;TRANSCENDENCE-TAJ;2;LOVE-RAM;SITA;MAHARANI-ROMEO;JULIET-NIULANG;ZHINU-=TASK-SUN;E=MC2;H2O ;3C; 3D;3M;CIVILIZATION—twitter – saifuddin taher rassiwalla @saifudd05242661

  4. Hello Zelensky. I am a Peace maker. I want Peace around the World. But lately I am busy preparing War against Taiwan.
    If I could arrange Peace talk between Putin and you. Could I have the contract to rebuild your country. I will take over your country for 30 years . The country will return to you , after all payment cleared. That a good deal that I have done all over the World. I will protect your country against any threat


  5. China's intentions remain suspicious… They can't even leave Taiwan alone and they even keep on grabbing territory from other small Southeast Asian Nations. If they are truly for peace, they better walk the talk.

  6. Peace "at any cost" can be worse than war. Any outcome that doesn't result in the removal of all Russian troops from Ukraine territory will simply be rewarding Putin, the aggressor. Putin and Xi are close friends and allies. What do you think happens when authoritarian leaders are rewarded for their actions? As Xi looks ominously towards Taiwan……

  7. The US has sent Ukraine almost 80 billion dollars in military, financial and humanitarian aid. How much aid did Xi sent? Right on the eve of Ukraine’s long planned counteroffensive Xi decides to talk negotiations with Zelensky? Does that sound fishy to anyone?

  8. Why China weapons are called lethal weapons. Are those weapons used in US mass shooting are non-lethal? Are weapons send by US and NATO to Ukraine non-lethal? Don't practise double standards. All weapons are lethal.

  9. Xi is careful not to get dragged into putin's war, at the same time he doesn't want to completely abandon him. Ukraine and China doesn't have any quarrels. They're business partner.

  10. China’s 12-Point Peace Plans are like "force majeure," and the world has no idea what the outlines are. Especially after the China ambassador questioned Ukraine's sovereignty, which outraged the world. 😂

  11. China is wasting its time trying to forge some sort of cease fire or peace treaty between Ukraine and Russia. As long as the war monger US kept adding fuel to fire and the NATO countries towing the line, this war will continue till the whole Ukraine cease to exist. Russia will not back away and will win eventually. How long is anybody's guess. The US will not let Zelensky agree to any peace effort by China.

  12. 24-4-2023 The 2023 Russia Billionaires Ranking shows that there are 110 people with a net worth of US$1 billion, 22 more than in 2022, with a total asset of about US$505 billion , an increase of US$152 billion compared to 2022.

  13. Why didn't China make that long awaited call sooner? Well, one needs to understand that this war has many players in it. Top on the list is the US, with the UK as the main cheerleader, and Europe got dragged along, with Jens Stolen_Bot adding in his two bobs worth of commentaries along.

    Put it simply, the side Ukraine is on couldn't help themselves to make full use of this opportunity to weaken Russia, even to the point of a regime change. China sees right through the designs of the west. Any attempt to call for peace will be ignored by both sides. Especially when America thought it has a good chance to beat Russia, and vice versa.

    Now the war enters a state of stalemates. Neither side will comprehensively win. America knows it cannot fight a protracted war. China and/or a combination of like-minded countries that are not part of the western allies, probably is the best available option for negotiation.

    By all accounts, Europe is finding its limits after barely more than a year. It simply cannot keep spending and providing weapons to Ukraine. Europe wants it to end. What about America? It has little choice when Europe is not prepared to be dragged further along.

    If China is successful in bringing peace to Europe, it scores yet another major goal, not so much as the best military force, but a major and influential peace maker. So what makes the US? it shows its influence is waning. While it is good at stirring the pot, it is not that effective at wining wars, and neither is capable of mediating peace.

  14. If Ukraine had relied on China's mediation, they would not have had a country by now. I'm no American but it was good to see them help Ukraine maintain their country. The US and Nato allied acted well this time even if they have messed up in many other places.

  15. China has to be evil. Even there is no evidence that China has sent weapons to Russia and Zelenskyy makes phone call with Xi, we're keep use "China will send weapon". Well, we all know who sent weapon, but we can't say it's name.

  16. I'VE NEVER HEARD ZELENSKY EVEN TO MENTION CHINA BEFORE THIS CALL – so keep things in perspective at least you pathetic DW – OR – show us if that EVER happened and include Zelensky quote as well

  17. 😱Britain☠

    Depleted uranium —> Birth Defects

    20-3-2023 Some of the ammunition for the Challenger 2 battle tanks that Britain is giving to Ukraine includes armour-piercing rounds which contain depleted uranium.

    Ten Years Later, U.S. Has Left Iraq With Mass Displacement & Epidemic of Birth Defects, Cancers


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